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The City of Riverside supports a healthy environment which encourages residents to seek Fit, Fresh, and Fun alternatives for a healthy lifestyle
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A Message From Mayor Bailey

Welcome to the Fit, Fresh, Fun, Riverside website! A healthy city depends on a healthy community, and it is my goal to encourage Riversiders to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Please explore this site to find information on hiking trails, farmers markets, Riverside health facilities, and much more!

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Fit, Fresh, Fun Events for 2017


Annual Meeting 2017

The Fit, Fresh, Fun Forum meets quarterly at City Hall. During this meeting, the forum discusses how the six goals of the forum are met, such as giving updates on reoccurring events or highlighting some accomplishments. The forum allows for announcements to be made of events related to the goals and an opportunity to interact with residents, businesses, non-profits and government agencies in Riverside following the meeting and discuss alternatives for healthy lifestyles.

Time: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Location: Riverside City Hall, 7th Floor, Mayor’s Ceremonial Room