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Endorsing Organizations

This is a partial listing of some of the organizations that have already endorsed the Inclusive Community Statement.

African American Historical Society

“We agree that Riverside is blessed and enriched by its multicultural community, and we will endeavor to do our part to contribute to our city's richness.”

Association for Riverside Apartment Community

“It brings unity for people to bond together, work together, stand together in making Riverside not just a city, but one large community standing tall and proud...AFRAC endorsed this statement with pride and honor.”

Care Connexxus

“As true believers in our moral obligation to the community, we accept responsibility as an organization to commit ourselves to the goal of a more inclusive community.”

Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service

“The Casa Blanca Home of Neighborly Service is pleased to stand together with the City Council, the Human Relations Commission, and the Mayor's Multicultural Forum in making this important commitment.”

Community Church of Religious Science

“Our Mission Statement is in perfect alignment with the City of Riverside's statement as it reflects who we at CCRS are and what we practice.”

Dickens Festival

“As a policy, the Riverside Dickens Festival has always been an inclusive organization and as we approach our 10th anniversary, we are happy to join with the City of Riverside as you embark on your endeavor towards “Building a More Inclusive Community.”

Evangelical Formosan Church

“EFC Church endorses the city's proposal to “Build a More Inclusive Community.”

Friends of the Riverside Library

“The Board Members of the Friends of the Library agreed that they fully support the principles of the Building a More Inclusive Community document, and will continue to participate in activities which demonstrate their support.”

Habitat for Humanity Riverside

“The Board of Directors and the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Riverside is committed to doing its part to be role model and live by word and deed this commitment.”

Junior League of Riverside, Inc.

“We commit ourselves to the goal of “Building a More Inclusive Community.””

Martin Luther King Jr. Monument Visionaries, Inc.

“We wholeheartedly endorse the Statement of Principles set forth in “Building a More Inclusive Community.””

North High School Multicultural Council

“The Multicultural Council has proudly adopted the statement to make Riverside a More Inclusive Community as a group have agreed to endorse and support this statement.”

Panhellenic Association

“We completely support the call to more understanding of our multicultural differences and strive to exhibit this in our daily activities.”

Pete King's Soccer Shop

“As a businessman in the City of Riverside, I support your effort in making Riverside a more inclusive community.”

Riverside City Teachers Association

“RCTA members of the Board voted unanimously to endorse the statement on “Building a More Inclusive Community.””

Riverside Community Church

“We are pleased to inform you that we fully endorse this statement and its ideals.” Riverside Community College “ The Riverside Community College Board of Trustees unanimously adopted the attached “Building a More Inclusive Community” Statement.”

Riverside Community Players

“We also sincerely hope that this statement becomes more than just words to all those who endorse it.”

Riverside East Rotary Foundation, Inc.

“Clearly, demonstrating a commitment to Fairness, Equality, Respect and Understanding will build a better Riverside.”

Riverside Optimist Club

“The Riverside Optimist Club, at their regular board meeting, adopted the “Building a More Inclusive Riverside Community”

Rotary Club of Riverside

“The Board of the Rotary Club of Riverside has endorsed the statement on “Building a More Inclusive Community.””


“We congratulate the Forum's efforts to foster a vision of fairness, equality, respect and understanding for our future.”

University of California, Riverside

“The University of California, Riverside, is pleased to inform you that it has endorsed the Mayor's Multicultural Forum's statement on “Building a More Inclusive Riverside Community.””

Zonta International

“In 2003, our 73rd year of service to our diverse population, we continue in this mission to make Riverside the unique and special place it is to live.”

Alternatives to Domestic Violence

“Never has there been a more crucial time in our nation's, and our city's history than now to teach that tolerance for all mankind can help end violence in our society.”

American Red Cross

“This Chapter of the Red Cross is committed to exhibiting the attributes listed in the areas of individual, group, and institutional responsibility, and each of us is prepared to stand as role models in carrying these messages of inclusiveness to the community.”

California Baptist University

“California Baptist University continues to build upon a firm foundation of positive values and beliefs, and remains steadfastly committed to a healthy and peaceful community in Riverside.”

Children's Center of Riverside

“We applaud the City of Riverside's adoption of this community enriching policy and gladly accept our responsibility as an agency to reach its fulfillment.”

Community Arts Association

“We look forward to continuing our dedication to making our community a better place for all.”

Department of Community Action

“Our Mission Statement is in perfect alignment with the City of Riverside's statement as it reflects who we at CCRS are and what we practice.”

Epsilon Sigma Alpha

“We recognize the need for all Riversiders to participate and endeavor to be contributing members of the community.”

Fair Housing Council of Riverside County

“We have signed on to accept the document and its principles.”

First Congregational Church of Riverside

“We applaud this statement on inclusiveness as a beginning step toward making Riverside a shining city that truly values all of her citizens.”

Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“We look forward to working with you and other groups and organizations in this community to make this statement a core value for all of our citizens.”

Inland Counties Legal Service

“The Inland Counties Board of Directors read and endorsed the statement codifying a “Building a More Inclusive Riverside Community” philosophy.”

La Sierra University

“We very much support the vision embodied in this document and commit ourselves to working toward it.”

Mission Inn Foundation - Mission Inn Museum

“The Mission Inn Foundation is pleased to be a part of this special community called Riverside.”

Northside Improvement Association

“The Northside Improvement Association membership unanimously endorsed the Inclusive Community Statement.”

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center

“We shall endeavor to fulfill the institutional responsibility by creating an environment that fosters better interpersonal and inter-group relations, respect, and understanding; provide formal opportunities to learn about diversity through diversity training or by providing diversity learning initiatives; and to adopt and enforce selective rules, protocols, and procedures that can help foster fairness, equality, respect, and understanding.”

Riverside Community Health Foundation

“The Foundation and CHC will strive to operate within the premises you established and commit ourselves to the goal of building a more inclusive community.”

Riverside Downtown Partnership

“We will endeavor to use the document and the sentiments contained within towards building a more inclusive Riverside.”

Riverside Metropolitan Museum

“Please rest assured that we would do whatever we can to make this effort a resounding success. The quality of life in our community, and human decency, require nothing less.”

Rotary Club of Arlington

“The statement developed by the Mayor's Multicultural Forum is consistent with our theme this year that “Mankind is our Business,” reflecting our recognition of the value of all racial, ethnic, religious and diverse groups comprising Rotary membership throughout the world.”

Saint Andrew the First Called

“St. Andrew Orthodox Church endorses this important statement and supports our city's efforts at creating and maintaining a more inclusive community.”

United Way of the Inland Valleys

“As the facilitator of Blueprint for Volunteer Diversity, we are looking forward to helping to create a community where major issues and concerns are solved with the coordinated energy, ideals and inclusion of all our people.”

Volunteer Center of Riverside County

“We encourage people to celebrate their diversity while strengthening their personal well-being and their contribution to the community's health.”

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