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InclusiveThis document consists of a set of principles which, if committed to and acted upon by members of the Riverside community, will help us become a truly inclusive twenty-first-century city. Such an inclusive community would be based on two fundamental premises. First, all Riversiders should be and should see themselves as respected, contributing members of the community. Second, all Riversiders should be bound by a common set of principles based on fairness of treatment, recognition of rights, acceptance of responsibilities, commitment to equality, and dedication to expanding opportunities for all.

A city of considerable racial, ethnic, religious, and other types of diversity, Riverside has etched a complex history. That history has included both significant efforts to achieve greater justice, equality, and understanding, as well as unfortunate periods and events that have demonstrated the need for increased commitment, ideas, and action to work toward these goals

As we move into the demographically-challenging, globally-shrinking twenty-first century, Riversiders face opportunities and challenges related to diversity: race and religion, gender and ethnicity, language and sexual orientation, diverse abilities and disabilities. Intersecting with such dimensions of diversity are other critical underlying factors such as economic and educational disparities. Therefore, it is increasingly imperative that Riversiders -- as individuals, as groups, and as institutions -- assume the responsibility of facing the challenges and seizing the opportunities created by diversity.

We are currently in the process of implementing measures to reward organizations that exemplify inclusion. We enthusiastically welcome you to read the statement and make a firm commitment to “Building a More Inclusive Riverside Community.” The statement is also on display on the 7th floor of City Hall for your viewing.

While recognizing that this will be a long, ongoing, and evolving process, as Riversiders we believe that the following principles provide a basis for building that more inclusive community.

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