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Internships With Local Businesses

The Office of the Mayor is working with local businesses to encourage them to post their jobs in one place, on, so that students can connect with them easily.

Create an account and start searching here:

Internships With the City of Riverside

Looking for meaning in your work? Want to serve your community? Try an internship with the City of Riverside! 

You can also apply for an internship in the Office of the Mayor, which consists of:

- Assisting constituents with obtaining information and responding to their concerns.

- Administrative support tasks, including answering phones and providing office assistance to the Mayor and his Chief of Staff.

- Project duties including writing reports and memos and researching best practices from other jurisdictions.

- Occasionally, the intern is asked to attend meetings and external events on behalf of the Mayor.

Click here to apply.

Internships Through Your University

CBU, UCR and CSUSB provide students with an account on Handshake.  This resource allows businesses to recruit directly from specific universities. Post your resume here if your school has an account:

Our students are Riverside's hidden treasure!

With four institutions of higher education right here in Riverside, our students have much to offer local businesses. We want to help our local employers and businesses partner with those students, who can help you with many tasks and projects, from marketing to accounting to lead generation and more. Providing them with meaningful experience and real-life training makes it a win-win situation!

Get started!

Post a position to find an intern here:

If you need some extra help, we also put together a step-by-step instruction manual for businesses to use when posting their internships.