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Searches produce a list of files that contain the word or phrase no matter where they appear in the text. This list gives the rules for formulating queries:

  • Consecutive words are treated as a phrase; they must appear in the same order within a matching document.
  • Queries are case-insensitive, so you can type your query in uppercase or lowercase.
  • You can search for any word except for those in the exception list (for English, this includes a, an, and, as, and other common words), which are ignored during a search.
  • Words in the exception list are treated as placeholders in phrase and proximity queries. For example, if you searched for “Word for Windows”, the results could give you “Word for Windows” and “Word and Windows”, because for is a noise word and appears in the exception list.
  • Punctuation marks such as the period (.), colon (:), semicolon (;), and comma (,) are ignored during a search.
  • To use specially treated characters such as &, |, ^, #, @, $, (, ), in a query, enclose your query in quotation marks (“).
  • To search for a word or phrase containing quotation marks, enclose the entire phrase in quotation marks and then double the quotation marks around the word or words you want to surround with quotes. For example, “World-Wide Web or ““Web””” searches for World-Wide Web or “Web”.
  • You can insert Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) and the proximity operator (NEAR) to specify additional search information.
  • The wildcard character (*) can match words with a given prefix. The query esc* matches the terms “ESC,” “escape,” and so on.
Riverside Municipal Code
    City Charter
1   General Provisions
2   Administration & Personnel
3   Revenue & Finance
4   (Reserved)
5   Business Taxes, Licenses & Regulations
6   Health & Sanitation
7   Noise Control
8   Animals
9   Peace, Safety & Morals
10   Vehicles & Traffic
11   (Reserved)
12   Airport & Aircraft
13   Streets & Sidewalks
14   Public Utilities
15   Trees & Vegetation
16   Buildings & Construction
17   Grading
18   Subdivisions
19   Zoning
20   Cultural Resources
City Clerk Mission Statement
To provide Municipal Election services, maintain the official records of all City Council proceedings, and perform other State and Municipal statutory duties for elected officials, voters, City departments, and the public, in order that they may be guaranteed fair and impartial elections and open access to information and the legislative process.
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