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No JavaScript Big Red Box instead of Panorama Can't see everything at once. Takes FOREVER to load page.
Panorama movement is VERY slow and/or jerky. Colors are BIZARRE! Preview Images "Stick" Panorama is zoomed in or out too far-looks warped
 Mac users with IE or Netscape 6.0+ users      
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No JavaScript

    There are one or two reasons why JavaScript is not working on your browser. Either your browser CAN'T support JavaScript, or it WON'T support JavaScript.

    CAN'T support JavaScript
    First, let's see if your browser CAN'T support JavaScript. If you have a browser other than Internet Explorer or Netscape,  you will have to look in the "Help" section of your browser to find out if it supports JavaScript, if it does support JavaScript 1.1 or higher, then it's probably turned "off", use the "Help" section of your browser to find out how to turn it "on". (Note: Web TV does not support JavaScript at this time, so if you have Web TV or other browsers that do not support JavaScript, you must use another computer or browser).
    If you have either Internet Explorer or Netscape, chances are your browser does support JavaScript, it's just turned "off", but let's check anyway.
    For Internet Explorer, you must use version 3.0 or higher of Internet Explorer. (Special note for Mac users with IE)
    For AOL users, you must use AOL  4.0 or higher. 
    For Netscape users, you must use version 3.0 or higher. (Special Note for Netscape 6.0 or higher)
    For Opera users, you must use version 3.21 or higher.
    To find what version you have, look near the top of the screen, look for the word "Help" on the main/top toolbar. Click on "Help", then click on "About Internet Explorer" or "About Netscape..." or "About AOL" or  whatever "About ...." that is on the bottom of the list that appeared after you clicked on "Help".
    If your version is too old to support JavaScript, then you should upgrade your browser if you want to use JavaScript.

    WON'T support JavaScript
    If your browser can support JavaScript 1.1, and you are reading this then your browser probably has it turned "off" or "disabled". If you are using software that has disabled support for JavaScript, or you have intentionally disabled JavaScript for security reasons, then you probably do not want JavaScript turned "on", and unfortunately, will be unable to view the rest of the enhanced virtual tour.
    If you wish to enable JavaScript, please refer to the "Help" section of your browser's software for the proper steps.
        SPECIAL NOTE: Turning "on" or "enabling" support for JavaScript yourself can be a challenge for even seasoned users of browser software, so please be careful when adjusting any of your browser's settings.

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Big Red Box

    Problem-when you first get to the page with the maps and panorama window, or, after you have visited a few rooms, you get a big red rectangle that says "Unable to Load Panorama" or "Insufficient Memory..." or some other unfriendly message. You are either using a browser that does not support JavaScript, (See previous topic), or more likely, you are using a computer that does not have enough available RAM (Memory) to load the panorama.
    If this happens, you are best served by increasing the RAM in your computer, or, by closing other programs you are not using. You may even have to close all programs, restart your computer and log back onto the internet with only your browser (or just AOL if you use AOL), to give your browser the most RAM (Memory) possible.
    Another possible reason is that you have downloaded the site onto your computer's hard drive, and the links from one page to another are no longer working since it is not on the internet anymore. This web site is not intended for download and use on our computer's hard drive, and it is strongly  recommended that you view it only via your internet connection.
    Another reason may be that you tried to open a new panorama before the first one has finished loading. The first panorama also loads the java applet used by all the following panoramas, if you stop the page loading or try to jump to another panorama before the first panorama has completely loaded, you will probably get a big red rectangle.  To correct this, simply reload the page with your browser's "Reload" or "Refresh" button on the browser toolbar near the top of the screen.

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Can't See Everything at Once

    Everything loads OK, and everything works, however, you can't see all the text on the left side of the screen or all the pictures on the right side of the screen.
    Most web pages have more information than will fit on the screen at one time, so your browser automatically adds Scrollbars on the side or bottom of the screen when there is more on the page than your computer can show at one time, (there is one on the far right side of the screen right now). At the bottom of this and other pages you will see a note that says "This site is best viewed at 800x600", this means that for best viewing of this website, your computer should be able to display 800 pixels horizontally and 600 pixels vertically. (A pixel is a single "spot" of light on your computer screen, the same thing you saw when you were a kid and looked REALLY close at your TV screen) .
    There are a number of things we can do here, to let you see more of the good stuff (our web pages) and less of everything else.
        1)No matter what size computer screen you have, if you have a number of toolbars at the top of the browser, you can increase the screen space for the web page if you close or minimize the toolbars you don't absolutely need. DON'T CLOSE OR MINIMIZE THE BROWSER YOU ARE USING !- only the toolbars.  Have someone show you how if you have any uncertainty. On Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, hit the F11 key on the top of your keyboard to REALLY maximize the screen space, just hit F11 again to go back to what you had before. On Netscape, go to "View" on the main toolbar, and "Hide" all the Toolbars you don't want to see.
        2)If you are using AOL, you can't hide or minimize the toolbars, however, you can open Internet Explorer or Netscape or another browser while AOL is open and connected to the internet. Once you have the new browser open, you can use the methods discussed in step 1 above to maximize the screen space for the web page.
        3)There is one more step which is more drastic, and should not be performed unless you are very familiar with the procedures for changing your computers screen resolution, it is also not recommended if your computer is more than 2 or 3 years old. You may increase your computer screen's resolution (resolution is the number of pixels your screen can show horizontally and vertically) to give you more space for the web page (and everything else too). The good part of this is that you will see more of the web page than before, the bad part is that everything will be smaller, and, your computer will have to work much harder to put all those new pixels on the screen.

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Takes FOREVER to load page

    Welcome to the World Wide Wait. This website offers an enhanced virtual tour of Heritage House with special images called spherical panoramas which you can see with a special little program called a Java Applet. All this special stuff has to be downloaded on your computer by your modem, assembled by your computer and put on the screen for you to see. You may have guessed that special=more stuff=longer download time, and you are right. We have done our very best to keep the size of the files as small as possible and still have an image-quality that is worthwhile to see. If you are using a dial-up modem, we (obviously) recommend you view this site with the fastest modem (and fastest computer) you can use. You may be tempted to do a little web-surfing while you wait for the panoramas to load, which is OK, however, it will, of course, increase the time it takes the images to load for all open browser windows, so it is not recommended.
    Some typical load times;
        Non-panorama pages should load in about 20 seconds or less with a 28.8 connection (Average to slow connection)
        Panorama pages should take about 2 minutes or less with a 28.8 connection, about 90 seconds with a 56K connection.
        For ISDN, cable modem users, DSL or Satellite connections the download times for any single page should range from 10 to 15 seconds.
    Some good news for all users, most browsers save a copy of everything you see with the browser in a special place on your computer's hard drive called "CACHE", this means that once you have visited a web-page, it will load much faster the next time you visit the same page (unless the page has changed or the Cache has been deleted). If your browser does not load a page MUCH FASTER the second time you visit the same page, check your browser's settings to make sure that it is using "CACHE".
    Similar to this is marking a page (or entire website) as available for offline viewing. This saves the entire page (or website) with all the pictures, text and everything on your computer's hard drive. You still have to wait for the pages to download, but once it is downloaded, you should be able use pages when you are not connected to the internet, and you do not have to wait for the download since it is already on your computer's hard drive. However, some links may not work properly since you are not connected to the internet anymore, and this website is not intended for download and use on our computer's hard drive, and it is strongly  recommended that you view it only via your internet connection.

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Slow or Jerky movement in the panorama

    When you are changing the direction of view inside the panorama window, the movement of the image should be smooth, and, the further you are from the center of the image, the faster it should change. If your panorama moves in a jerky or slow manner, then you are probably using an older computer that is having a hard time keeping up with the higher than average demands for processing power that this enhanced virtual tour needs.  Here are a few suggestions that should make the panoramas move more smoothly.
    Use the Alternate Version of the tour. The alternate version has fewer bells and whistles, however, should run more smoothly on most computers.
    If you do not want to buy a new computer just to see this web site (we think it's worth it, but we are a bit biased...), close any programs you don't need, or, use a different, faster computer.
    In some cases, slow or sluggish computer performance is due to a need for the computer's hard drive to be defragmented  See your computer's help or documentation on how to perform this task. 

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Colors are BIZARRE!

    Some, older, computers, (probably more than 3 or 4 years old), have a limited number of colors they can show on the screen at the same time. These computers probably are already configured as well as possible and there is nothing the average user can do to change or improve the images.
    Experienced users could try to "upgrade" the video card and/or display, however, currently available equipment may not be compatible with such a computer, and, if you are an experienced user, you probably already have a computer that does not have this problem.
    If you have a new or reasonably new computer, and the colors are "way-off", then check with the computer manufacturer, as there may be a problem with it. 

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Preview Images Stick

    As you move the mouse pointer over the map to the right of the panorama window, a preview image of the location you can go to will appear in the panorama window when the mouse pointer is over a hotspot. If you "click" on the hotspot, you will go to that location. Normally the preview image only appears when the mouse pointer is over the hotspot and disappears when when you move the mouse pointer away from the hotspot. Sometimes the preview image "sticks" or does not disappear when you move the mouse pointer away from the hotspot (usually when you move the mouse very quickly). To make the preview image disappear, just pass the mouse pointer over the same hotspot again, at a normal speed. If you have more than one preview image that is "stuck" at the same time, just pass the mouse pointer over each of the hotspots again, it does not matter what order.
    If none of this is successful, you may reload the page using your browser's reload or refresh button.

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Zoom is too far in or out

    As you zoom in or out using the ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT buttons, it is easy to get a distorted view in the panorama window. To restore the default zoom and direction of the panorama, click on the "RESET" button at the bottom of the panorama window. This will do two things, first, it will reset the zoom to the original setting which is a normal field of view (70 degrees horizontally if you must know), second, it will swing the view in the panorama to the direction when the image first loaded.
    If clicking "RESET" is not successful, you may hit the RELOAD button or text on your browser toolbar, usually near the top of the screen.

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IE on Mac and Netscape 6.0+ users

    IE on Mac-As Mac users are probably aware, IE on the Macintosh platform has a problem with web pages that use JavaScript to communicate with Java Applets, the problem is that there is no communication. The primary method of choosing the next room or location to see in the panorama window is, by using the the maps to the left of the panorama window. Unfortunately, this does not work with IE on the Mac. For those lucky people, there is an alternate set of web pages here... that are almost the same as the primary web pages. The difference is, you click on hotspots inside the panorama window to move from room to room instead of using the 3 maps.
    Netscape 6.0+ users-As with the IE on Mac, there seems to be an almost identical problem with the Netscape browser version 6.0 or newer, for Mac and PC. For those of you using this browser there are a couple of options. First-make sure your browser has the latest updates and/or patches from Netscape for your browser version. Second-try using the alternate set of web pages here.., there are the same modifications to use as listed for IE on Mac.  If none of this works, consider getting or using an older version of the Netscape browser instead of version 6.0+, you can get them from Netscape's' home page.

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