City of Riverside California Metropolitan Museum

Front Drive of Heritage House

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    Typical of the Queen Anne Victorian style, the eclectic architecture of Heritage House features elements from a variety of influences, among them Georgian, Gothic, Oriental, Italian, and Greek.

    Furnishings of the period were also a similar mélange of references and styles.

    Though quite different from the average home of today, the restoration and furnishing of Heritage House is a true reflection of the Victorian period for Riverside’s upper-middle-class. According to an 1895 article in Harper’s Bazar magazine, young couples of moderate means could expect to spend between $5000 and $10,000 in the construction of a house, excluding the cost of a lot. Restoration and development have always reflected the interpretation of such statistics into a local household.

    The Victorian styles in architecture, furniture, and interior design faded from popularity not long after the death of their namesake, Queen Victoria of England, in 1901.

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