City of Riverside California Metropolitan Museum

Front Walk of Heritage House

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    Heritage House has not been restored to reflect Catharine Bettner's, or any single individual's, tastes and furnishings. It is instead intended to reflect a typical house of its stature as it might have appeared in the period 1891 to 1900 in Riverside. Some of the furnishings in the house are Mrs. Bettner's, still more belonged to other Riverside households of the period.

The Bradstreet Index, in 1895, recognized Riverside as enjoying the highest per capita income in the United States. Citizens were indeed prosperous, thanks largely to citrus horticulture, but they were not millionaires. Catharine Bettner's net worth in 1892, for instance, was $18,7555, or more than $200,000 adjusted to today's values.

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