City of Riverside California Metropolitan Museum

Kitchen of Heritage House

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    The technology behind many of the major domestic conveniences and appliances had been established before 1900. Indoor plumbing, canned foods, mechanical refrigeration, and a variety of electrical innovations were all making appearances during the late nineteenth century, but some of these luxuries would not be common in middle-class homes until the first decades of the twentieth century. 

    Food preparation, using coal or wood stoves, was an arduous task relieved in many households by the use of bakery bread, commercial dairy products, and canned goods. Commercially produced condiments, extracts, fruits, meats, sugars, crackers, baking powders, candies, soaps, and starches were available to virtually everyone in the 1890s, either at the local dry goods and grocery stores or through mail-order catalogs. By the time that this house was built, fresh foods could be quickly transported to and from Riverside by rail.

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