City of Riverside California Metropolitan Museum

2nd Floor Landing of Heritage House

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    Typically, the finer materials involved in Victorian home construction were used in the more public rooms of the downstairs, while upstairs spaces, ordinarily occupied only by the family, featured materials of lesser expense. Downstairs we have seen the use of white oak exclusively in floors, doors, and door surrounds. On this landing, however, we witness the transition from oak to fir flooring at the top of the stairs and from oak to redwood in the case of doors and door surrounds.

The upstairs landing is an ideal location to consider the impact of wallpaper in a late Victorian house. Here we see different papers for walls, frieze, and ceiling ... all featuring different patterns and colors. Together with the varied colors and patterns of the Oriental carpets, there is enough variety in a space like this one, that almost any piece of period furniture blends right in. The wallpapers throughout Heritage House are reproductions of late nineteenth century papers.

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