City of Riverside California Metropolitan Museum

Library of Heritage House

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    This room is in the tower part of the house, above the music room.  It connects to the master bedroom and could be used as a sitting room, or, in nineteenth-century parlance, a boudoir.  Mrs. Bettner, this house's original owner, used it as her office.  She was an orange-grower and owned property elsewhere in southern California, investments made by her late husband.  The room is now decorated to show a gentleman's influence, including sports trophies won by the Bettner men.

    The many books rest in cases which were used in Riverside's first public library in 1890.  Some of the books are from the household of the original owner.  Among the titles overall are works by popular poets of the late-nineteenth century, travelogues, some of the Elsie Dinsmore series for girls, religious tracts, and encyclopedia, a large family Bible, and several biographies.  There are more books still in the secretary-bookcase.

    The center table holds some particularly interesting personal items and has a restored invalid's chair by its side.

    As elsewhere in the house the wallpaper is an documentary reproduction of the late-nineteenth century paper.  As elsewhere upstairs, the woodwork is redwood and stained cherry.  The shutters are pine and the floor is fir, as is true of the whole upstairs.

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