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Orange Packing House taken on 6th and Pachappa in May 1888 Chinese labor was extensively used in those days. Pictured is C.G, Warren father of F. Clyde Warren. (Courtesy of Security First National Bank)

The Riverside Metropolitan Museum’s Archival Collections document the history and growth of the city from the 1860s through to the present.  Included in the archives are approximately 20,000 photographs, the personal and business papers of some of the regions prominent citrus growers and packers like L.V.W. Brown, Ethan Allen Chase, and Samuel C. Evans, Jr., newspapers, maps, documents, drawings, ephemera, and other material. 


The Museum also maintains one of the largest collections of citrus labels in California.  Other citrus history related collections include The California Citrograph magazine from 1915 to 1950, the Riverside-Arlington Heights Fruit Exchange, and the National Orange Company Packing House. 

Two entertainment related collections offer a look at two of the city’s resident cultural icons.  The Marcella Craft Collection tells the story of a local girl who achieved international recognition in the opera houses of Europe in the early 1900s, while the Rin Tin Tin Collection documents one of Hollywood’s star families from World War I through the 1960s. 

The Museum’s Archives also house significant collections related to the city’s two National Historic Landmarks—the Mission Inn and the Harada House.  The Frank Miller Hutchings/Mission Inn Collection documents the story of the world famous Mission Inn hotel and its founder Frank Augustus Miller from the 1870s through the 1950s.  The Harada Family Archival Collection documents the nearly 100 year residence in Riverside of the Japanese American Harada Family and their struggles in America from 1905 to 2000. 

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Curator of History, Dean Ayer
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Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Brenda Buller-Focht, Ph.D.

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