72 - Hour Limits

  • My vehicle has been towed, who do I call for more information? 
    If your vehicle has been towed due to 72 hour storage, contact the Riverside Police Department’s Traffic Division at (951) 826-5700.
  • I received a 72-hour yellow tag informing me to remove my vehicle or it will be towed. What do I have to do? 
    According to the California Vehicle Code the vehicle has to be moved a minimum of 1,056 feet or .2 miles in order for the vehicle to be in compliance.
  • My vehicle is inoperable and I am unable to remove it from the street. What could happen if my vehicle remains in the same location?  
    Your vehicle may be towed. The California Vehicle Code 22651(k) covers operation and inoperable vehicles from 72 hour storage on-street.
  • Is there an exception for Recreational Vehicles?  
    No. Any Recreational Vehicle falls within the same category as regular vehicles.