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  • I have lost my parking citation, how do I pay without my citation number?  
    If the citation was issued by the City of Riverside, we can look up your citation information with the license plate number, the VIN number, or the registered owner’s name. You can call us at (951) 826-5620.
  • I received a parking citation but no longer own the vehicle, am I still responsible for the parking citation? 
    Yes, if you were the registered owner at the time the vehicle was cited, you are responsible. If you can provide proof of your release of liability that is filed with DMV, the citation will be removed and changed over to the new registered owner.
  • Can I request an extension on my citation?  
    Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis and are more commonly issued for correctable citations such as Expired Registration, Tab Missing, or License Plate Missing. Applicable laws apply to all parking citations.
  • What are the rules about parking on street sweeping days?  
    Please visit the street sweeping website for details.
  • My car broke down and I cannot move it, will I still receive a citation on street sweeping day? 
    If you are in the designated No Parking on Street Sweeping area, yes the vehicle is subject to a citation and should be moved as quickly as possible.
  • Who can I speak to about my citation? 
    You can call Parking Services at (951) 826-5620 to address any questions about your parking citation.   You can also submit in writing your statement indicating why you believe the citation was issued in error by following the instructions on the back of your citation.

I want to contest my citation.  What do I do?  
Please submit your appeal electronically by clicking here (https://Riverside.CitationInfo.com) or by submitting the Parking Fine Contest Form in person or by mail. Be sure to include a copy of the citation and any documents that support your statement (including pictures).