Disabled Persons

  • Who handles complaints or issues with disabled persons parking spaces in business parking lots around town?   
    Disabled persons parking spaces are governed by the State of California and citations are issued to vehicles not displaying the proper placard. To report a vehicle parked without a disabled persons placard, call (951) 826-5311. To report non-compliant spaces (including missing signs or repainting the stall and access zone), please contact the City of Riverside Community Development - Building and Safety Division at (951) 826-5697.
  • My disabled persons placard was not visible and I was given a parking ticket. What do I do now? 
    Within 21 days of receiving the citation, please submit a copy of the disabled persons placard, the disabled persons placard registration, and photo ID by mail, in person, or at the website listed on the back of the citation. Upon verification of your placard registration, the citation will either be reduced to a $25 administrative fee (per CVC 40226) or dismissed depending on the parking violation. To report your placard lost or stolen you should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) right away.
  • My disabled persons placard fell out of the window and I was given a parking ticket. What do I do now?  
    You should contact the Department of Motor Vehicle right away to report your placard lost or stolen. As for the citation it will be either reduced to $25.00 with verification of your placard or it could be dismissed depending on the parking violation.
  • I’m disabled and have nowhere to park my vehicle on street sweeping day; can I stay parked in front of my home?   
    Yes, if the disabled persons placard is visible and properly displayed, a citation will not be issued.
  • Where can I park using my disabled placard privileges?  
    A vehicle displaying a valid Disabled Persons placard or license plate may park:
    • In parking spaces with the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol).
    • Next to a blue curb authorized for persons with disabilities parking.
    • Next to a green curb without restrictions to time limits.
    • In an on-street metered parking space at no charge.
    • In an area that indicates it requires a residential or preferential permit.