Lots, Garages, & Meters

  • Where can I park downtown and receive a validation from the City if I am doing business at City Hall?   
    Parking Lot 34 located at the base of City Hall between 9th Street and 10th Street provides temporary free parking. 
  • There is a vehicle parked illegally (in a red zone, permitted area with no permit, a No Parking zone, etc.) can the City come out and cite the vehicle?   
    Yes, if the vehicle is parked illegally the vehicle could be cited. You can call the 311 Call Center to report any parking violations.

The parking meter is broken, do I have to pay? What do I do? Will I receive a parking citation if I park there anyway? 
If a meter is broken it is suggested that you park elsewhere. If there is a note on the meter you should be okay to park there without being cited. You could receive a citation if the meter has not been reported as having a problem. To report a broken meter, contact Parking Concepts Inc. at (951) 682-3167.