Residential Neighborhoods

  • How can I get more parking signs on my street?  
    Traffic Engineering is responsible for street signage and can be reached at (951) 826-5366 during normal business hours or you can contact the 311 Call Center .
  • How do I get additional enforcement on my street or area? 
    If you have a particular situation on your street and require enforcement,  contact the 311 Call Center to request additional enforcement.
  • What are the rules for parking recreational vehicles, trailers or campers on the street?  
    Recreational vehicles are allowed to be parked on the street 24 hours before and 24 hours after a trip. The 24 hours is for loading and unloading. Recreational vehicles may NOT be stored on any residential street beyond the allotted time.
  • I live near a school and students continually park up and down the street even though it's restricted. Can these vehicles receive a citation?  
    Yes, they are subject to a citation and should be reported to the 311 Call Center.
  • I am having a party at my house which requires a permit, is it okay for my guests to park in the street?  
    Yes, enforcement for the day or evening can be suspended. It is recommended that you inform the City of the event by contacting the 311 Call Center after hours. You should also contact your adjacent neighbors so they understand why there is no enforcement.
  • I have relatives visiting from out of state; can they stay in the RV in front of my home?   
    Yes, someone may "camp" in the R.V. for no more than 5 days on the street providing there are NO electrical cords running from the R.V. and they do NOT drain any dirty water into the street/gutter. For stays longer than 5 days, but not more than 15 days, the R.V. must be in the driveway and a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) must be obtained.
  • There is a vehicle parked illegally (in a red zone, permitted area with no permit, a No Parking zone, etc.) can the City come out and cite the vehicle?   
    Yes, if the vehicle is parked illegally the vehicle could be cited. You can call the 311 Call Center to report any parking violations.