Commercial & Office Zoning

What zone is my property?

The zone determines what use may be established on a parcel, and what the development standards are. The parking requirements are determined by use rather than by the zone. The Design Review process is required for all commercial and office zoned properties. If the general plan indicates that a higher use is planned in the future, you may wish to request that your property be rezoned. Some specific plans include development standards or design guidelines which are greater than the Zoning Code requirements. Follow the links below for comprehensive zoning information about the subject property.

What kind of sign can I have?

The type of signs and their area are regulated by the Zoning Code. Planning Division staff checks signs (refer to info sheet) for compliance with the code, Design Review policies, and adopted sign criteria. Once plans are stamped by the Planning Division, sign permits may be requested from the Building Division (additional plans and fees are required for Building Division plan check). Areas within some specific plans, like the Riverside Auto Center, have specific design guidelines for signs.

Can I have a car wash for a fund raiser?

Yes, according to the Temporary Use Permit (TUP) regulations, provided the waste water drains into a grease interceptor or it is contained to the approval of the Public Works Department. If more than one event is desired in the calendar year, they may all be requested under the same permit. Apply for the TUP at the Planning Division at least five days before you plan to have the event. There is no Planning Department filing fee for a noncommercial car wash.

Can I have a parking lot, sidewalk sale or special event?

Yes, the Temporary Use Permit (TUP) regulations allow a limited number of outdoor sales for merchandise that is usually available inside the store, and other events. Property managers for commercial complexes could organize the sales dates so all tenants may plan to participate. All events for the entire year may be requested on one TUP application form, for a single $110.00 filing fee.

Bring a sketch of the site to the Planning Department to show the proposed layout and where parking and circulation will occur. We will confirm that the proposal meets the code, and specify which other departments will need to review your request. If any food is proposed, you will also need to secure authorization from the County of Riverside Health Department. During the review process, other departments may require permits and fees, especially for large tents, generators, etc.

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