Hiring Riverside's Next Police Chief

Published: 11/14/2019


Your City. Your Chief. Your Voice





What Is Our Process?

As part of the preparation process to select Riverside's next Police Chief, we have held multiple community meetings, capturing feedback through online forums, community groups, City staff and partner agencies. This valuable feedback will influence the position description, application questions and the oral interview questions.


  1. Solicit Community Feedback Through:

    1. Community Meetings

    2. Community Groups,
      Riverside Police Department,
      City Staff

    3. Online Feedback

    4. Partner Agencies

  1. Implement Feedback Through:

    1. Police Chief
      Job Description

    2. Application Questions

    3. Oral Interview
      Evaluation Questions



Five Community Meetings Were Held

Riverside’s search for a new Police Chief has included an unprecedented level of input from the community. City Manager Al Zelinka, whom the city’s charter tasks with hiring the new Chief, held a series of public meetings around the city to hear from residents. The resulting data provides insight into what public safety issues Riversiders are most concerned about, what they want to see in a new Police Chief, and how the next Chief should be involved in the community. That information is presented here so that residents and business owners can see the deliberation that is going into the selection process.



Feedback Outcomes

After hosting five community workshops, gathering online submission forms and consolidating open feedback from social media sites – we’ve compiled the responses from the community. The word cloud below represents the common responses made by the public. The larger-sized font indicates higher frequency of responses that are related to those themes and these responses have been incorporated into the position description, application and oral interview evaluation questions. For a complete list of responses, please click on the hexagons below.





Position Brochure & Application