Preferential Parking Zones (PPZ’s)

The City’s Preferential Parking Zone (PPZ) program is a neighborhood-driven program which enables residential neighborhoods continually impacted by outside parking sources to pursue establishment of a PPZ. These zones can be tailored to address the parking impacts and restrict outside parking sources to specific hours of the day to make it easier for residents and their guests to find a convenient parking space near their homes. PPZ’s do not guarantee available on-street parking nor reserve spaces within the zones. Apartments, multi-units, commercial, retail, and/or businesses are not eligible to petition for PPZs.

Should you require a preferential parking permit or would like additional information contact the 311 Call Center.

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for designating Preferential Parking Zones. If you are interested in establishing a Preferential Zone please contact the
311 Call Center.

Riverside Municipal Code 10.52.140 - Exemptions to Parking Restrictions & Issuing of Permits

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Process for Establishing Preferential Parking Zones (PPZ's)

Residents interested in establishing PPZ’s within their neighborhoods can contact the 311 Call Center to initiate the process. The Traffic Engineering Division of the Public Works Department subsequently reviews the request and determines eligibility. Traffic Engineering Division staff works with the contacts from eligible neighborhoods to explain the process in its entirety, determine the desired restriction, and provide a petition for circulation throughout the neighborhood. Residents must obtain petition signatures from a minimum of 75% of immediately impacted residents showing support for establishment of the proposed PPZ. Once a petition meeting minimum petition criteria has been submitted, the proposal is scheduled for consideration by the Transportation Board. Final proposals are then scheduled for City Council review and approval before PPZ’s are formally adopted and signs showing the restrictions are posted. Newly established PPZ’s shall remain in place for a minimum of one (1) year before a request for removal would be considered in accordance with RMC 10.52.140.

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Preferential Parking Zone (PPZ) Permits

To distinguish vehicles belonging to residents and their guests from outside source parking, PPZ permits are issued to residents for display in resident’s and/or guest’s vehicles when parked on-street within the posted PPZ. A valid, properly displayed PPZ permit exempts a vehicle from the PPZ restriction when parked within the posted PPZ on the same block. Vehicles parked on-street within a PPZ during restricted days/times without a valid permits displayed are subject to citation (including vehicles belonging to residents and their guests).

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Preferential Parking Zone (PPZ) Permit Eligibility

Residents with properties located within or immediately adjacent to a PPZ are eligible to apply for Resident and/or Guest permits. Vehicles in excess of six thousand pounds gross weight are not eligible for permits per RMC 10.52.140.

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Resident Permits

A Resident permit is valid only for the specific license plate number it is issued to and is not transferable to any other vehicle.

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Guest Permits

A Guest permit is available to eligible residents of single-family residential properties located within the established PPZ in addition to the Resident permits issued. A Guest permit is not assigned to a specific license plate and may be used in any vehicle, including the resident’s vehicle(s), and can be used only for the purpose of visiting a property within the posted PPZ. Any other use may be considered misuse of the Guest permit and may prompt confiscation of the permit and/or citation.

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Allowable Number of Preferential Parking Zone (PPZ) Permits for Single-Family Residential Properties:

  • One (1) Resident permit is available per registered vehicle.

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Allowable Number of Preferential Parking Zone (PPZ) Permits for Duplexes and Multi-Unit Residential Properties:

  • One (1) Resident permit is available per vehicle registered to the current residential address located within the PPZ; and
  • One (1) Guest permit is available per each single-family residential lot located within the PPZ.

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Allowable Number of Preferential Parking Zone (PPZ) Permits for Business Properties Within a Metered Area:

  • One (1) Resident permit is available per vehicle registered to the current residential address located within the PPZ; and
  • One (1) permit is available per lot upon which a business with a current City business license is located;
  • The number of permits equal to the number of PPZ spaces are available for a single business which occupies one side of the street for an entire block; and
  • A maximum of three (3) permits are available to businesses occupying a converted historic home.

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Obtaining Preferential Parking Zone (PPZ) Permits:

First-time applicants

First-time applicants must provide all of the following either in person or by mail to the Parking Services Division of the Public Works Department in order to obtain any permits:

  • Proof of residency – Proof of residency may be established with current vehicle registration in the State of California reflecting resident name and current address within the established PPZ;
  • A completed PPZ Permit Application; and
  • Full payment of the applicable $33 per application fee by cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover) or check payable to City of Riverside. There is a $25.00 charge for returned checks and permits may be revoked should payment be returned or disputed.

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Residents relocating from one PPZ to another

If you are moving from one Riverside address within a PPZ to another, a new application and submission of proof of residency and current vehicle registration is required for your new PPZ address. Additionally, assessment of a $ 33 per application fee will apply (similar to the requirements for a first-time applicant). Permits do not transfer from one neighborhood to another when you move and you may not sell or transfer your permits to other parties.

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New or Additional Vehicles

When requesting Resident permits for new or additional vehicles, a new application is required and copies of current vehicle registration(s) must be submitted showing vehicles registered to your address within the PPZ. A fee of $33 per application will apply for issuance of new or additional permits subsequent to completion of the first-time application.

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Replacing Vehicles / Permits (Lost, Stolen, or New Car)

Lost permits can be replaced by completing an application for a replacement permit at a fee of $33 per application.

If a permit is stolen and you provide a copy of the filed police report, replacement of the stolen permit will occur free of charge, otherwise completion of an application will be required and a fee of $33 per application will be assessed.

To replace a lost or stolen Resident permit, you must provide the license plate number of the vehicle the missing Resident permit was assigned to.

To replace a lost or stolen Guest permit, you must provide the permit number of the missing Guest permit as shown on the original application.

Permits that have been reported as lost or stolen are immediately cancelled and are no longer valid. Vehicles displaying permits that have been reported as lost, stolen, or cancelled are subject to citation.

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No Refunds of Collected Fees

There are no full or partial refunds of application fees collected as the result of lost, unwanted, unused, confiscated, or partial-period use of PPZ permits.

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Placement of Permits

Resident and Guest hangtag permits must be hung from the rearview mirror with the colored, numbered portion of the permit facing the front of the vehicle. Permits must be removed when the vehicle is in motion [CVC Section 26708(a)]. Sticker permits should be placed in the vehicle on the inside of the front windshield, lower driver’s side, above the vehicle VIN# and do not require removal while the vehicle is in motion.

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Important Notes

  • PPZ permits do not exempt users from parking regulations other than the PPZ including but not limited to other posted parking restrictions, curb markings, alleys, metered zones, loading zones, street sweeping, fire hydrants, CVC violations, or anywhere where parking is prohibited;
  • PPZ permits are not valid in City of Riverside parking lots or Garages;
  • Vehicles parked in the same space for over 72 hours are subject to citation and/or tow (RMC 10.52.032) regardless if a valid PPZ permit is displayed;
  • Parking Enforcement may confiscate a PPZ permit and/or issue a citation under the following additional circumstances:
  1. If the permit is being misused (for purposes not intended i.e. to go to a nearby business, school, hospital, convalescent home or any location other than a property located within the PPZ);
  2. If the permit is expired or invalid; and
  3. For non-payment or returned payment of applicable PPZ application fees

Parking Services does not enforce PPZ’s on City observed holidays including New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, however, these restrictions unless exempt on holidays may be enforced by the Riverside Police Department.

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