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Tires are recyclable, and are used to make many products from roads to sandals. To recycle your used tires, take them to a local recycling facility or tire retailer.

Click here for tire recycling locations in Riverside.

Did You Know? Many streets in the City of Riverside are being rehabilitated using Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) made from recycled tire material. Click here to read more...

tires in landfill Tires are viewed as a one of the most problematic sources of waste.
This is mainly due to the high quantities produced and their great durability, prohibiting the tire from breaking down.  However, their durability makes reuse and recycling of scrap tires easy. By recycling tires we also reduce the amount of raw rubber needed for manufacturing, saving natural resources like crude oil.

Tire Recycling Locations

This list is provided as a public service and is not an endorsement of these companies or their services. The City is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this listing.

Let us know if another location in the City of Riverside disposes of used tires by clicking here!

Disposal of Used Tires
Robert Nelson Agua Mansa MRF
  • 1830 Agua Mansa Road, Riverside
  • (951) 486-3200
  • Monday-Friday: 7 am- 6 pm
    Non-Holiday Saturdays: 9 am-2 pm
  • Used tires are accepted daily for a fee per tire, up to 9 tires are allowed per day without a manifest.
  • Car tire disposal is $6.00/tire or $7.00/tire with rim attached. Tractor or truck tire disposal is $13.00/tire.
  • Riverside Residents may dispose of tires for free during the Free Drop off Days.
City of Riverside Bulk Events
  • Locations throughout the City
  • (951) 826-5311
  • Dates posted on event calendar
  • Used tires accepted free, no more than 9 tires per vehicle load.

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