Trees & Landscaping

Trees & Landscaping

City Landscaping

Alessandro Boulevard LandscapingThe Trees & Landscaping Division is responsible for the oversight of landscape in public right-of-ways, reverse frontages and medians. The city uses independent contractors for landscaping maintenance.

City landscape inspectors monitor parkways and medians as well as manage landscape contracts and new construction projects.

The city is committed to utilizing our natural resources wisely and has implemented programs in support of this commitment. We conserve our natural resources by planting drought-tolerant plants and using water-wise controllers and rain gauges for landscape irrigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find your question? Ask us by calling 951-826-5311.

There are open areas in the parkway in front of my house. When will the city replace the landscaping?

Except for city trees being planted in the parkway, the parkway between the sidewalk and curb is usually considered to be the owner’s responsibility. If landscaping on your street needs to be replaced or maintained, please contact the 311 Call Center.

If a tree in the parkway needs to be trimmed, removed or replaced, contact the 311 Call Center to report your concerns. A tree inspector will be dispatched to inspect the tree and to schedule any necessary action.

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The city landscape is obstructing traffic. Will the city cut back the shrubs?

Yes. Contact the 311 Call Center and be prepared to give them the exact location of the obstruction and/or the location of the median or parkway. If you are concerned about a traffic hazard being caused by the obstruction, please explain the reason for your concern.

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Why does the city use certain plants and not others?

The Riverside Municipal Code has established guidelines to implement the California Water Conservation in Landscaping Act by designing, installing and maintaining water efficient landscapes. This insures the enhancement of developments, reduction of heat and glare, control of soil erosion and conservation of water. It also provides recreation areas, cleaner air and water, fire protection and establishes a buffer between residential and non-residential land use.

Riverside Municipal Code - 19.570 Water Efficient Landscaping & Irrigation

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Can the city take care of gophers in the landscaped public rights-of-way?

Yes. The Forestry & Landscaping Division can mitigate gophers and squirrels on the landscaped public rights-of-way. However, the city does not provide rat or mouse control services and does not mitigate gophers and squirrels on unimproved public right-of-ways or on private property.

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How do I report a broken or misdirected sprinkler on city landscape?

Contact the311 Call Center and be prepared to give them detailed information. They will need the location of the sprinkler and the location of the median or parkway. They will need to know if the water is currently running and/or continuously running in order to properly prioritize the complaint. If you are concerned about a traffic hazard being caused by the sprinkler, please explain the reason for your concern.

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Who is responsible for weeds growing in the unimproved parkway or median near my house?

The Streets Division Weed Abatement Section is responsible for mitigation of weeds on public property. Contact the 311 Call Center to report your concerns. Please note whether the area is or is not landscaped so the complaint can be directed to the appropriate Department.

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Who do I call with concerns about vegetation growing in a canal or storm drain?

The Sewer Division handles all concerns relating to canals, catch basins and storm drains. Contact the 311 Call Center to report your concerns.

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I stopped an Inspector to ask about a project near my home and he wasn't able to help me. Who should I contact?

The city has many different projects going on throughout the year. These projects are being done by different Departments and often times different Divisions within a Department. Contact the 311 Call Center to request information on any of the projects of concern to you.

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