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Trees & Landscaping

Trees & Landscaping

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The Trees & Landscaping Division is responsible for maintaining the city's trees. It oversees some 150,000 street trees, and another 30,000+ trees in open space areas or under utility lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who maintains trees on public property?

The Trees & Landscaping Division of Public Works inspects and maintains trees in the public rights-of-way. Contact the 311 Call Center to verify ownership.

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Does Trees & Landscaping also clear vegetation in canals and storm drains?

No. Vegetation in canals and storm drains is cleared by other divisions of Public Works or the Public Utilities Department. Contact the 311 Call Center to report any concern with canal and storm drain maintenance.

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How can I get a tree planted in the city right-of-way adjacent to my property?

You may request an inspection for a new tree. An inspector will be assigned to review the location and its appropriateness for trees.

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Can I plant a tree in the city right-of-way adjacent to my property?

Yes. However, a no cost permit is necessary and the designated tree species for the street must be planted.

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Can I trim a city tree?

You may not trim a city tree without a permit. The city will allow you to hire your own licensed contractor through a no fee permit process provided the City tree inspector agrees with the trimming needs of the tree. You can also pay to have the City contractor trim the tree through our Resi-pay program by contacting the 311 Call Center. The typical cost for trimming trees with our Resi-pay program in the public right of way is $95.00. Please call for more information.

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How can I get the city's tree removed?

The city's Urban Forestry Policy outlines the criteria for removal of a city tree. If your tree does not meet those criteria you can appeal the inspector's decision by contacting the 311 Call Center. If your tree does meet those criteria, it will be scheduled for removal. To expedite its removal, you can either apply for a no fee permit to have a licensed contractor remove the tree or you can use the city's contractor and pay the bid price.

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What do I do about a city tree located adjacent to my neighbor's property and causing problems for me?

You may not request a tree adjacent to your neighbor's property be removed. However, if low hanging branches are interfering with the use of your property, you may request a trim.

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What happens when a city tree damages a sewer line or sidewalk?

They will need to be repaired or replaced. Rarely will tree roots crush a sewer line. If this occurs contact the 311 Call Center to schedule an inspection. Sidewalks are raised by the tree roots and repairs can often be made without removing the tree. However, there are some instances when the growing space is just too small for the size of the tree. In this case, it would be better to remove and replace the tree with a less aggressive species. Occasionally, the repair may require the cutting of too many large roots and jeopardize the tree's stability. If this happens, removal would then be recommended instead.

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How long will it be before the repairs are made to the concrete?

While the tree may be removed beforehand, the concrete repairs will be scheduled for completion at a later date. If necessary, temporary repairs will be made to mitigate tripping hazards until permanent repairs can be made.

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What happens if a city tree grows too close to power lines?

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) is responsible for the operation, maintenance and construction of electric lines and equipment. Should RPU determine city trees or landscaping materials are growing at an unsafe distance from electric lines and equipment, RPU will send line clearance crews to remove any encroaching growth. If a hazard exists, RPU will immediately trim or remove the encroaching growth to mitigate safety hazards.

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