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290 PC / Sex Registrant Frequently Asked Questions

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The below questions list are those most commonly asked. However, it is the registrant's sole responsibility to understand their individual registration requirements, including changes in the law that may occur after their last registration date.

  • What is a Sex Offender? (290 PC Registrant)

    A Sex Offender is a person who has been convicted of a crime that was sexual in nature or committed with a sexual intent. Not all Sex Offenders are “child molesters.” In fact, many sex offenders were convicted of crimes against adults. For more information see www. meaganslaw.ca.gov

  • Are convicted Sex offenders allowed to live near a school or daycare?

    Yes and No. Generally speaking, if a convicted sex offender is on parole or probation they will not be allowed to be within 2000 feet of a school or park. However, if a judge orders that the sex registrant may be near a school or park for lawful reasons (i.e.: they have children and have a lawful reason to be at the school or park, they are allowed to be there for a reasonable amount of time to conduct business (picking their kid(s) up from school etc.) If the sex registrant is no longer on parole or probation, they can use parks and be on school grounds for lawful purposes.

  • When do I need to register?

    Per CA Penal Code 290, those mandated and required to register as a sex offender shall do so:

    • Annually, within five (5) business days of your birthday.
    • Being released from jail/prison.
    • Living at multiple addresses.
    • Whenever changing your address / residences.
    • Following a name change.
    • Whenever leaving the City of Riverside to reside in another jurisdiction.
    • If you are homeless (transient), you must register every thirty (30) days.
    • You SHALL register within five (5) business days from any of the above circumstances.

    If you reside in the City of Riverside, you must report in person to schedule an appointment:

    10540 Magnolia Ave Ste. B
    Riverside CA 92505
    Registration Hours: Transients Tuesdays 9AM-4PM
    All others registrations are done by appointment only


  • Can sex registrants work or volunteer with children?


  • What if I am currently not registered or in violation?

    The City of Riverside desires 100% compliance and it is of utmost importance that you schedule an appointment and register or re-register as soon as possible and complete your registration requirement.

  • Where can I live?

    Unless you are parole or probation there are currently no restrictions. However, your parole or probation status/terms may mandate additional restrictions and it is your responsibility to know the terms of your parole/probation and 290 PC registration requirements.

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