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  • My car/house was broken into and my wallet containing my credit card(s)/checks was stolen. My bank has called to let me know that my credit card/checks have been used. If there is a video of the suspect, can you arrest him?

    Unfortunately, breaking and entering and the illegal use of credit cards are two different crimes. Proving the same suspect committed both crimes can be difficult, as stolen property is commonly sold or traded. As a result, two separate units of the Police Department would be investigating the case - the Property Crimes Unit and the Economic Crimes Unit. Videos may provide valuable evidence if the quality is good enough, but only if someone is able to identify the suspect. As a rule of thumb, if the suspect can be identified, detectives will be able to utilize the video as evidence and proceed with prosecution.

    Once the suspect uses your stolen credit card/check at a business, the business and the bank then become victims of a third and separate crime. However, you should not be held liable for services or goods that were purchased unlawfully. As soon as possible, file an initial crime report with the Riverside Police Department and document the report number for the bank/credit card company and for your own records. If you have further questions about the break-in, contact the Property Crimes Unit at (951) 353-7941. If you have additional questions about the credit card/check or identity theft issues, contact the Economic Crimes Unit at (951) 353-7100. Also, be sure to have your RPD Report Number on hand so the call may be routed to the proper detective.

  • What happens to the latent prints (for example, fingerprints that are not visible to the naked eye) after the officers recover them from crime scenes?

    Evidence technicians respond to most major incidents and assist in the documentation, preservation, and collection of physical evidence at crime scenes. When called to respond to a major incident, an evidence technician may be required to document the scene with digital and standard photography, collect any physical evidence, create, and reproduce computerized crime scene drawings, and process physical evidence for latent fingerprints. While in the office, the technician assists patrol officers and detectives by processing submitted evidence for latent fingerprints. Latent print cards are then gathered and transported to the department's fingerprint examiner. Once the examiner receives the latent print cards, the examiner closely examines each card to determine their worth as evidence.

  • My property has been recovered, how do I get it released?

    Depending on the status of the case, we may be able to release your property. Release of property is reliant upon these stipulations:

     1. If you have a court order, the police department will comply with  a valid court order.

     2. If the case has a disposition, the items of evidentiary value will  be held until the case is adjudicated.

     3. If you have documentation to prove ownership, such as receipts  and serial numbers, those items are usually necessary to regain  serialized items.

     4. Along with the above documents, you will need a valid form of  picture identification to facilitate the release of property.

    Release must be coordinated through the assigned detective. Property Room personnel do not facilitate the release.

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