On Wednesday morning, November 13, 1974, there was a disturbance in the Riverside Municipal Courthouse at 10th and Orange Streets. A Riverside P.D. sergeant and detective, who were already at the courthouse to testify, intervened and learned from a woman that she and her husband had been threatened with a knife by the woman's ex-boyfriend, Gerald Monroe. The detective searched Monroe and didn't find a weapon. The sergeant called RPD and requested a uniformed officer to be assigned to the investigation.

Officer Rick Albee, who by coincidence was in front of the Municipal Court, was assigned to handle the investigation. Officer Larry Walters volunteered to assist.

Officers Albee and Walters contacted all of the parties at the Municipal Court and determined that Monroe was not armed and was cooperative. Monroe told the officers he had no vehicle and had taken the bus to Riverside from Corona. The situation was resolved when Monroe voluntarily left the Municipal Court since he was not a party to any action there.

Larry Walters with his children, Tami (3 years) and Taryn (5 years). 1972About 15 minutes later, as Officer Albee was leaving the courthouse, Officer Walters stopped Monroe, now driving a Ford Pinto, for a right-of-way violation at 9th and Lime, about a block from the courthouse. Officer Albee arrived at the location moments later and Officer Walters told him he was going to write Monroe a citation.

As Officer Walters wrote the citation, Officer Albee approached Monroe who was still seated in his vehicle. Officer Albee told Monroe he wanted to ask him some questions about the investigation and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Officer Albee began to open the driver’s door when Monroe pushed the door into Officer Albee and then slammed the door shut.

When Monroe attempted to start his vehicle, Officer Walters approached to assist. Officer Walters leaned inside the driver's window and attempted to pull the key from the ignition as Officer Albee attempted to pull Monroe from the car. Monroe got the vehicle started but it stalled immediately. Monroe then reached under the front seat, pulled out a four- inch, .38 caliber revolver, and shot Officer Walters in the head.

A fierce gun battle ensued in which both Officer Albee and Monroe fired several shots at each other. Monroe was struck several times and died at the scene. Officer Larry Walters was transported by ambulance to Riverside Community Hospital where he died of his wound.

Officer Larry Walters was born on August 28th, 1943 and was employed as a Riverside Police Officer on January 3rd, 1966. He was transferred to Traffic Division on July 17th, 1970 where he was a motorcycle traffic enforcement officer. Officer Walters held an Associate of Arts Degree and had received his P.O.S.T. Intermediate Certificate.

Officer Larry Walters is survived by his wife and three children.

Riverside Police Department Safe In His Arms Memorial