Riverside Police Department
Press Release


For Immediate Release

Date May 26, 2000
Contact Ed McBride
Phone (909) 826-5972
Fax (909) 826-5626


Suspect Arrested in Attempted Kidnap

Riverside, California - On Wednesday, May 24, 2000, an adult male attempted to kidnap a nine year old boy from the campus of Fremont elementary School.  The school is located at 1925 North Orange Street, in the city of Riverside.  The incident occurred at about 2:30 P.M. when classes ended.  The suspect was standing outside the boy's restroom and grabbed the student by the shirt as he walked out of the bathroom.  The boy managed to wrestle free from the man's grip and ran away.  The man chased the student for a short distance and then left the school on foot.  Officers responded to the school but were unable to locate the suspect.

On Friday, May 26, 2000, the suspect was observed in the area of the school and detained by Riverside Police.  The victim confirmed that he was the same person who had attempted to abduct the boy two days earlier.  The man was transported to the Robert Presley Detention Center and booked for attempted kidnapping.  The investigation is ongoing.  Anyone with additional information is asked to call Sgt. Crawford at (909) 320-8053.