Riverside Police Department
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For Immediate Release

Date June 21, 2001
Contact Officer Tina Banfill
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Riverside, CA Ė Citizen complaints about off-road riders within the City limits has been steadily increasing over the past year. Since most violations occur in areas that patrol cars have difficulty accessing, the Riverside Police Departmentís Aviation Unit is generally dispatched to handle these complaints. The officers in the helicopter usually issue verbal warnings to the riders from the air. Unfortunately, repeat offenders and uncooperative riders have created the necessity for more frequent landings and issuance of citations.

With open areas quickly shrinking and giving way to new housing developments, citizenís complaints about off-road riders continued to rise. In April 2000, the Riverside Police Departmentís Aviation Unit began to actively seek a long-term solution for both citizens and off-road riders. This effort was to include educating the community, posting areas that are frequently accessed, providing information on alternative legal off-road riding areas, and continuing with appropriate enforcement.

Nearly 20 locations within the City that are frequently accessed have been posted with signs that strictly prohibit off-road riding within the City limits in accordance with section 9.32 of the Riverside Municipal Code. Violations of this section are a misdemeanor and can result in fines, impounding of your vehicle, and even arrest.

The City Municipal Code prohibits the operation of off-road motor vehicles on any public or recreational area or any other publicly owned property, except public highways, within the City of Riverside. It also prohibits off-road riding on unimproved private property within the City, unless conducted in accordance with a lawfully issued permit. Additional information regarding Riverside Municipal Code 9.32, including restrictions, permits, and exceptions can be found online at www.riversideca.gov under the City Hall Municipal Code Section.

For information on alternative legal off-road riding sites check out www.off-road.com or contact the California Motorcycle Dealers Association.