Riverside Police Department
Press Release


For Immediate Release

Date March 1, 2001
Contact Sergeant John Carpenter  
Phone (909) 320-8015



Riverside, Ca-  On February 28, 2001, around 9:18 PM, Officer Bruce Loftus and partner Officer John Porche were on routine patrol in the area of Market & University. As they were driving into the parking lot of a nearby bank, Officer Porche saw a male subject quickly get inside the driverís door of a parked car. Officer Porche parked his patrol car behind the vehicle and exited his unit. A female climb over the center console of the vehicle, exited the passenger door, and ran away yelling, "He is trying to car-jack me!" Officer Loftus got out of the patrol unit, and both officers ordered the subject out of the vehicle at gunpoint and arrested him without incident. He was not armed.

Their follow up investigation revealed that the female had parked her car in the parking lot to use the bank ATM machine. As she was walking back to her car, she noticed a subject walking swiftly toward her. She quickly opened her car door and got inside. As she tried to shut her car door, the suspect grabbed her car door, pulled it open, and told her he had a gun and to move over. She climbed over the center console while he got into the vehicle. The subject had difficulty starting the car and working the clutch around the time the police arrived and arrested him. The suspect was identified as:

Andrews, Johnny Michael DOB 06-06-71
Colton, CA

He was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center on the following charges:

215 PC Car-jacking
207(a) PC Kidnapping
236 PC False Imprisonment
3056 PC Violation of Parole