Riverside Police Department
Press Release


For Immediate Release

Date March 31, 2000
Contact Lt. Darryl Hurt
Phone (909) 351-6050
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Suicidal Subject

Riverside, Ca-  On Saturday, 03-31-2001, at approximately 6:00 P.M., the Riverside Police Department received numerous calls of a subject climbing a power pole in the area of the 3500 block of Jackson. Upon arrival, officers observed a female subject in her 30's perched on cross-member of a high voltage power pole. Because she was within inches of 12,000 volt power lines, the power grid for the area was immediately shut down.

Department negotiators arrived and attempted to talk the subject down for several hours. On numerous occasions during the negotiations, the subject walked onto the power lines several feet and than returned to her earlier perched position. The negotiators were able to keep her from jumping and contacted the suicide hotline. A therapist from the suicide line was familiar with this subject and responded to the scene to assist the police department.

After about twenty minutes of negotiations with the therapist, the subject climbed down the pole and was taken into custody. She was transported to a County facility to be evaluated, based on being a danger to herself. It was also learned that she has a history of mental illness. It was approximately two hour before power was restored to the approximately 3,000 customers of the area, including nearby Parkview Hospital. There were no reported incidents as a result of the power outage.