Riverside Police Department
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For Immediate Release

Date November 3, 2001
Contact Sgt. Brian Kittinger
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Accidental Death

Riverside, Ca- At approximately 6:35 P.M. on Saturday November 3, 2001 officers responded to a call of a female climbing a power pole in the area of 3711 Monroe St. On arrival they discovered the female still in the process of climbing up the pole. The female would not acknowledge the officers who attempted to make verbal contact with her. She was approximately 55í high when she touched the power lines causing her to be electrocuted and fall. She was pronounced dead at the scene by the Riverside Fire Department.

The incident caused a power outage in the immediate area for approximately two hours.

The victimís intentions for climbing the pole are not known at this time. The victimís name is being withheld pending the notification of family.