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For Immediate Release

Date April 13, 2002
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Arrests Made in ID/Mail Theft Ring

Riverside, CA – Detectives from the Riverside Sheriff’s Office and officers and detectives from the Riverside Police Department arrested three individuals last night who were residing or frequenting a residence located in the UCR Area. Those individuals were:

ARELLANO, Tiffany Marie HF 03-14-79
Riverside, CA

LOCKSLEY, Eric BM 04-25-67
Moreno Valley, CA

LUCERO, Richard Ronnie HM 12-19-62
Riverside, CA

Location 600 Blk. Glenhill Dr., Riverside
Date April 12, 2002
Time 2000 HRS

Investigators were at this residence earlier in the afternoon and stopped Locksley as he drove away. Locksley was arrested for parole violation and possession for sales of drugs. Numerous items were recovered from his vehicle believed to be stolen IDs and mail. A stolen vehicle was recovered from in front of the residence which also contained numerous similar items.

Arellano befriended the owner of the residence (does not live there) who allowed her to stay. Apparently Arellano was letting other people stay without the knowledge of the owner. According to neighbors there were frequent visitors coming and going all the time. The owner served an eviction notice on Arellano but she had not moved out yet. The neighbors were pleased of the police action, as the residence was fast becoming a problem.

Arellano was not home at the time. Alert neighbors called the police later in the evening when she came back. Arellano was arrested for alleging purchasing a car from a dealership using the stolen identity of another. Arellano is also a suspect in other check forgeries in Riverside. Lucero who was present was arrested for a parole violation. During a search of the residence many items also believed to be stolen IDs and mail were found.

Teri Timar, U.S. Postal Inspector, because of the large quantity of mail found assisted the local investigators. She took possession of the mail for further investigation and possible filing of federal charges by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The Postal Inspection Service will contact all the persons whose names and addresses can be identified on the items.

These subjects are believed to be part of a mail theft ring, which used stolen mail to commit ID thefts, credit fraud, and check forgeries. From the items recovered, this ring was targeting the western parts of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Arellano, Locksley, and Lucero were later booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center. This investigation is continuing and additional subjects are being sought.

ID theft is fact becoming the method of choice of many criminals to steal large sums of money and merchandise with relatively little risk. For further information on ID theft, preventive tips to avoid becoming a victim, and what to do immediately once you become a victim, see the new economic crimes FAQ site on the RPD WebPage at:


Prepared by: Det. Ron Wright, RPD Economic Crimes Unit 909-320-8000
Det. Kevin Koehler, RSO Jurupa Valley Station 909-387-8734 (Additional Contact)