Riverside Police Department
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For Immediate Release

Date June 18, 2002
Contact Sergeant Randy Eggleston 
Lt. John Carpenter
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Intersection Enforcement Program

Riverside, Ca-  The Riverside Police Department has identified the top ten intersections in Riverside in which collisions occur. The ranking of these intersections was established through collision data gathered from January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2001. The collision data was retrieved from the City of Riverside’s Traffic Engineering Department. The Riverside Police Department and the Traffic Engineering Department are working closely to reduce the amount of traffic collisions in the city. This program will be aimed at the education and enforcement of California Vehicle Code violations that are the primary cause of these collisions. The goal of this program is the reduction of traffic collisions at these intersections.

The stepped up enforcement at these intersections will begin Thursday, June 20, 2002, and will continue throughout the remainder of the year. Listed below are the top ten intersections in the city.


Rank Intersection Total Collisions Most Common Violations
1 Arlington / Indiana 9 Red Light
2  First / Market 8 Right of Way
3 Arlington / Van Buren 7 Speed
4 Orange / University 7 Red Light
5 Jurupa / Van Buren 6 Speed
6 Kansas / Martin Luther King 6 Right of Way
7 Third / Market 6 Right of Way
8 California / Van Buren 5 Red Light
9 Chicago / Third 5 Right of Way
10 Fillmore / Magnolia 5 Red Light