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Date April 17, 2003
Contact Officer Felix Medina
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Public Safety Dispatchers Receive Recognition

Riverside, Ca-  On Thursday, April 17, 2003, at 7pm, the California Public Safety Radio Association will be holding its 15th Annual Telecommunicator Awards Banquet in the Knott Ballroom at the Radisson Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm located at 7675 Crescent Ave. in Buena Park. Three Riverside Police Public Safety Dispatchers will be recognized for their accomplishments.

Public Safety Dispatcher, Janene Bray always displays a calm and professional demeanor and achieves excellent results with accuracy and precision. She is consistently giving towards the department and has worked more than 352 hours of overtime. Her supervisors consistently note these positive factors as exemplary, productivity, initiative or self-starting energy, thoroughness and accurate. Ms. Bray has the ability to analyze problems and make decisions. She has a wiliness to assume responsibility for all her actions, and she excels in all new situations. Public Safety Dispatcher Bray is a well-respected employee of the Riverside Police Department. Her peers and the field personnel routinely recognize her skills and abilities.

Public Safety Communications Supervisor John Wright has exceptional dedication to his duties and the Public Safety Profession. Supervisor Wright is primarily responsible for the Riverside Police Department’s Communications Equipment. In the past year, due to supervisor shortages, he has been utilized as a Shift Supervisor and maintains the load of his primary responsibilities. Supervisor Wright is versatile and this allows him to widen his workload and still be able to accomplish all his tasks. His focus toward the development and its various programs, improve the effectiveness of the department and overall operation of the organization. Recently Supervisor Wright developed an in-depth, 400 page, Radio Technology Manual for the Communications Bureau. The manual included step-by-step procedures including evacuation procedures, FCC rules & regulations, MDT’s, Office PC’s, and paging systems. He is also responsible for updating this information. During 2002, Supervisor Wright was appointed by the President of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, International (APCO) as a member of the 9-1-1 Center Best Practices & Procedures Task Force.

Comm. Supervisor Kim Moyer is a very well respected supervisor with Riverside City Police & Fire Communications. Recently Supervisor Moyer completed training of three newly hired Communication Supervisors. She trained all three at the same time. Supervisor Moyer is in charge of all the training for the Public Safety Communication Center. Some of her responsibilities include preparing trainee and trainer evaluations, scheduling of schools for newly hired dispatchers, and continued training for those who are tenured. During her appointment in training, some prior CTO’s who left the program have since returned under the direction of Ms. Moyer. Supervisor Moyer also involved in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Training and scheduled attendances for the Mayor’s Night Out. She also participates in the 9-1-1 for Kids Program. Supervisor Moyer voluntarily worked 244 hours of overtime this past year. Her peers and subordinates enjoy working with her in all aspects. They’ve commended her for her preparedness, professionalism, and job knowledge during her shift.