Riverside Police Department Press Release


For Immediate Release

Date May 4, 2004
Contact Officer Felix Medina Jr.
Phone (909) 826-5939
Fax (909) 826-2593


18 Riverside Police Officers will be recognized at tonight’s City Council Meeting


Riverside, Ca- Eighteen Riverside Police Officers will receive the “10851 Award” at tonight’s City Council Meeting. This award is presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California and the California Highway Patrol to recognize outstanding achievement in the detection, investigation and apprehension of automobile thieves.

To qualify for the “10851 Award”, officers must meet “one of the three” criteria within a twelve-month period: make six separate in-custody arrests related to auto theft; recover twelve or more stolen vehicles, at least three of which are occupied by a suspect(s); or develop information which results in identifying an auto theft ring, the subsequent arrest of two or more suspects and the recovery of at least ten stolen vehicles. 

Officers receiving the “10851 Award” are:

Vicente DeLaTorre Michael Crawford Robert Olsen John Garcia
Genaro Escobedo Vincent Morris Michael Cupido Jerry Post
Sancho Lopez Chris Gaspard Chris Wagner Kevin Townsend
Mike O’Boyle Matthew Lackey Giovanni Ili Matthew Lewis
  Senon Saldana William Zackowski  

These eighteen officers are responsible for the recovery of 292 vehicles, representing an approximate dollar value of $2,198,000.00  In addition, these officers arrested 126 suspects for Grand Theft Auto (10851 CVC).   For more information, contact Sgt. Brian Baitx at the ceremony, or by telephone at (909) 320-8022.