Riverside Police Department Press Release


For Immediate Release

Date Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Contact Steven Frasher, Office of the Chief
Phone (951) 826-5147


Police memorial movie comes to Charter Cable



Riverside, Ca- The towering clock-topped fountain at City Hall is their memorial; their names are but two among the 14 members of the Riverside Police Department who have fallen in the line of duty, but their shocking deaths in a 1971 ambush compelled Riverside make a special place for the names of Christiansen and Teel.

“More Than A Name” is a 64-minute DVD movie that commemorates the two men behind the memorials: Riverside Police Officers Leonard Christiansen and Paul Teel, who were young husbands and fathers, serving together in the RPD during a simpler but nonetheless turbulent time when they answered a radio call to an address and were ambushed in a hail of gunfire when they stepped from their patrol car on April 2, 1971.

The film will be presented several times a week on Charter cable television channels 31 and 32 over the next four weeks:

Monday -- 4 p.m.
Thursday -- 10 a.m.
Friday -- 5 p.m.
Saturday -- 1 p.m.

“More Than A Name” was created over a two-year period by Detective Mike Eveland, of the RPD Personnel and Training Division. While at a pre-academy session for new recruits, an instructor challenged the police hopefuls to “tell me one name” on the police memorials at the Orange Street police station. “Not one of them could name a single name of any of those who have given their lives for the City,” Eveland said. The result is a gripping and well-told story about a turning point in the life of Riverside and its police department, but also a tragic blow to two families.

“The film isn’t so much about what happened to them but who they were,” Eveland said. Historical images are mixed with recent interviews with surviving officers, friends and family members. “All of the people who participated had something they wanted to say,” he said. The result is moving, engaging and informative.