Riverside Police Department Press Release

For Immediate Release

Date Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Contact Steven Frasher, Press Information Officer
Phone (951) 826-5147

Holiday Enforcement Program arrests video pirates

Riverside, Ca- The Riverside Police Department made its first significant arrests Saturday under the Holiday Enforcement Program targeted enforcement campaign, providing concentrated patrols near local businesses and shopping areas during the busy holiday period.

Two parolees, Corey PARKS, 29, and Jay BAILEY, 32, both of Moreno Valley, were arrested for possession of pirated CDs and DVDs, conspiracy to sell pirated media and parole violations. Parks was also charged with producing pirated CDs and DVDs. Both remain in custody.

Riverside Police Officers spotted the pair loitering about 4:30 p.m., Saturday, November 25, beside a vehicle near the Wal-Mart store on Day Street, where they had been reported bothering shoppers with offers of music CDs and movie DVDs at prices cheaper than the store was selling. Many of the titles have not yet been released on the commercial market and several are still showing in theaters.

When officers checked the vehicle as part of the parole search, they discovered a very convincing replica handgun pellet gun, gloves and nylons, as well as approximately 300 CDs and DVDs. Subsequent investigation turned up computer equipment, including DVD burners and label makers, and 700 additional pirated CDs and DVDs at Parks’ residence.

Riverside Police Detectives will be reporting the copyright violations to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which acts to combat media piracy on behalf of music and movie artists and producers.

Lt. Tim Bacon of the Riverside Police Community Policing Team credited “people willing to get involved and reporting suspicious activity” for prompting the arrests.

“These arrests show the HEP theme, ‘Holiday safety starts with you,’ in action.”

The Holiday Enforcement Program began November 24, 2006, and continues until January 5, 2007.