Riverside Police Department Press Release

For Immediate Release

Date Thursday, March 25, 2007
Contact Sergeant Dan Hoxmeier
Phone (951) 353-7900

Suspects arrested in cock fighting event

Riverside, Ca- On March 25, 2007 at about 12:30pm, officers from the Riverside Police Department responded to 6178 Stover Avenue regarding a complaint of cock fighting that was occurring in the back yard of the residence.

Officers discovered the owner of the residence had constructed a cock fighting arena in the backyard of his home and was actively staging cock fights at the time of their arrival. The backyard arena was made of plywood and also contained a cock weighing and prep station. Over two hundred (200) fighting cocks were also being raised on the property. Also found during the investigation was a variety of “blades” and “slashers” used to during the cock fights. The blades and slashers are designed to be affixed to the fighting cocks’ claws, in order to inflict the maximum amount of injury to the other animal during the fighting events.

There were also approximately twenty (20) dead cocks found in the backyard and around the arena. It is believed these animals had died from injuries sustained during recent cock fights. The investigation revealed the owner of the property had been raising the animals to be fighting cocks and also selling them in Mexico.

The 39 years old owner of the property was identified as: Alex Cardenas.

Mr. Cardenas was arrested and booked into the Riverside County Jail for cruelty to animals, possession of implements used in cock fighting, and possessing cocks for fighting. Nine (9) other adults were also cited and released at the scene for being present during a cock fighting event.

Riverside Animal Control personnel also responded to the home and euthanized over two hundred (200) of the fighting cocks before removing them from the property.