4 Mar 1999

Missing Person's Car Located , Possible Homicide

Riverside, CA.—Officers responded to a call of a missing person's car being located. The vehicle, a 1993 Toyota Corolla, was found by a private security officer in a parking lot in the 3000 block Myers. Officers observed a large amount of blood and a spent shell casing inside the vehicle. The vehicle and it's owner, Teresa Madrigal, 33, of Riverside were reported missing on March 1, 1999. Detectives are at the scene and this incident is being investigated as a homicide. Any information regarding this investigation may be directed to Det. Georgina Holderness @ 320- 8010 or Det. Gary DeVinna @ 320-8025. 

 17 Feb 1999

Chief Carroll Responds to Rev. Jesse Jackson's Reported Comments

Riverside, CA.--In response to Rev. Jesse Jackson's reported comments at a banquet Tuesday night, Chief Jerry Carroll said, "I am aware of statements attributed to Rev. Jackson and Mayor Loveridge's response. I concur with the mayor's statement, particularly where Mayor Loveridge identified erroneous statements characterizing our officers. I am proud of the dedication and professionalism of the Riverside Police Department.

"We agree with Rev. Jackson that judgement should be withheld until the investigations currently underway are concluded by our department, the Riverside District Attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "

Autopsy Report Received

Riverside, CA.—The Riverside Police Department confirmed today that it has received the final autopsy report on Tyisha Miller from Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner Larry Smith.

" Sheriff-Coroner Smith has provided us with a very comprehensive report," said Chief Jerry Carroll. "It will play an important role in helping us to complete our investigation into the Miller shooting."

Carroll added that the department is looking forward to getting a forensics report from the crime lab at the California State Department of Justice. "Once we have reviewed this report, we will be in a position to wrap up our investigation," Carroll said. 

 11 Feb 1999


Riverside, CA.—February 11, 1999 - Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll announced today that his department's investigation into the December 28, 1998, shooting of Tyisha Miller will not be concluded tomorrow as originally anticipated.

"We had thought the investigation would be finished by February 12," he said. "Unfortunately, we have not received the autopsy report from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, nor have we received a report from the California Department of Justice regarding Ms. Miller's car. Our investigation cannot be concluded without them."

Chief Carroll said Sheriff's Department officials will be meeting with police investigators regarding the Coroner's review next Wednesday, February 17. He said there was no clear indication when the state justice department would deliver its report.

"I am mindful of the desire by all parties for this investigation to be concluded as quickly as possible, but we have no choice but to wait for these crucial reports," Carroll added. "In the meantime, I would like to commend the Investigations Bureau for their tireless efforts to do a complete and thorough job in investigating this incident. 

 2 Feb 1999

Riverside Police Explorer Post Receives Grant

Riverside, CA.—The Riverside Police Explorer Post 714, Boy Scouts of America recently received a $3000.00 grant from the Fraternal Order of Police. This grant will be used to purchase hand held radios for use by the members of the Post when performing traffic control and similar duties at various functions. The Fraternal Order of Police awards annual grants, nation-wide, to Law Enforcement Posts. In 1998, they awarded in excess of $165,000 to forty-five Posts. This is third year of the program and to date the program has awarded in excess of $450,000 statewide. The Explorer Posts are recruiting young men and women ages 15-18 to participate in various aspects of the law enforcement career field. For information contact the Boy Scouts of America at 825-8844. 

 4 Jan 1999

FBI To Conduct Separate Investigation

Riverside, CA. - Chief Carroll has announced that his office has been contacted by the Riverside Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be conducting a preliminary investigation into the fatal shooting of Tyisha Miller. "I welcome the review of our investigation by any independent agency", said Chief Carroll. "We are certain that all the facts will be examined and an impartial review will occur", he continued.


Riverside, CA - Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll met today with leaders of a community demonstration held to protest the death of Tyisha Miller. The chief restated the department's commitment to a thorough, careful investigation and expressed his readiness for an independent investigation into the December 28 incident in which Miller lost her life. Chief Carroll's statement follows:

"The Riverside Police Department supports the right of members of this community to peacefully assemble. It is critical that all people be able to express their views without interference from any party."

"We want to assure the community that the investigation of this incident will be complete and thorough. Our ongoing investigation is three-fold: criminal, administrative and a tactical review."

"The Riverside County District Attorney is conducting an independent investigation of this incident. The City of Riverside Human Relations Commission's Law Enforcement Policy Advisory Committee (LEPAC) has reviewed and approved the Riverside Police Department's Use of Force Policy. At the completion of our departmental investigation, we welcome any review by an outside agency."

"We have met with members of the Miller family and also members of the African-American community and expressed our sympathy for the family's loss. I wish to thank the members of the community who participated in today's assembly, for exercising their rights in a constructive and peaceful manner."

Autopsy Results Released

Riverside, CA— The Riverside Police Department has received verbal notification of preliminary findings in the death of Tyisha Miller from the Coroner's Division, Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

"The department acknowledges the timely release of this information, and we appreciate the professional manner in which the Coroner's Division has completed the autopsy," said Riverside Police Chief Jerry Carroll. Chief Carroll noted that the post mortem examination is one of many fact-finding steps in the ongoing investigation.

"This is one more step towards a full understanding of what occurred on the morning of December 28, 1998," Carroll continued. The Chief expressed his gratitude to members of the community for reserving judgment until all the facts are known.

"The Riverside Police Department is working with other agencies to ensure that all relevant details are brought to light and an full, accurate accounting is made available to the community," Carroll said.

Questions regarding this investigation may be directed to Sgt. Chris Manning at 782-5894.