18 Dec 1999

Police Helicopter Chases Forgery Suspect

Riverside, Ca.*On Friday, December 17, 1999 at about 2:00 p.m., Riverside Police received a call of a forgery in progress from a store located at 10555 Indiana Ave. One suspect left in a vehicle, and the second suspect was caught near the scene. The Riverside Police Air Unit saw the suspect vehicle and started to follow it. The helicopter saw the vehicle run through several red lights, and attain high speeds.

Ground units were attempting to catch up to the suspect which was trying to get away from the helicopter. He drove to the county area near some orange groves, and became stuck in the dirt. He fled on foot into the groves. Officers surrounded the area, and with the help of local construction crews were able to pinpoint the exact location of the suspect.

Several Police dogs were called to the scene to search the area. One dog alerted on the suspect, and the suspect surrendered to police without incident.

Arrested was Glenn H. Clark, a 30 year old male from Riverside who was also a parolee at large.

 13 Nov 1999

Attempt Homicide

Officers called to a shooting victim across from Hunt Park. They arrived to find one 36 year old Spanish speaker with an abdominal wound. They later found a 29 year old Spanish speaking victim nearby with a gunshot wound to the buttock/groin area. From statements gathered there were possibly two Hispanic male juvenile suspects in a small blue or grey vehicle. One victim was taken to Community Hospital and was in surgery and the other taken to RCRMC. Lt. Meredith handled.

 7 Nov 1999

Father Charged for Manslaughter of Unborn Child

Riverside*On Saturday November 6, 1999, at about 10:00 P.M., Mr. Cutz Berto Acuna, 25 years old from Riverside, was driving his wife home who was eight months pregnant with their unborn child.

He was driving his 1982 red Toyota Tercel in the area of La Sierra and Diana when he crossed over onto oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle was not seriously injured.

Ms. Acuna who was eight months pregnant was taken to Riverside Community Hospital for evaluation. Medical staff performed tests and scans, and could not find a heartbeat for the fetus. Ms. Acuna started to go into labor after several hours. The baby was declared deceased.

Mr. Acuna was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving and was charged with vehicular manslaughter of his unborn child, as well as being charged with felony drunk driving which causes an injury. He was booked into Riverside County Jail.

Woman Hospitalized After Being Struck by Drunk Driver

Riverside*On Sunday November 7, 1999, at about 7:00 A.M., Mr. Javier Martinez, an 18 year old from Riverside, was driving a friend's new 1999 Ford truck F-150 east bound Arlington just west of Indiana. He crossed over the double lines and into oncoming traffic where he collided with a lone female driver.

The female driver was badly injured and was taken to Riverside Community Hospital where she is in critical condition in the ICU ward. Mr. Martinez was arrested for suspicion of felony drunk driving. During the arrest process, officers found about 1/3 ounce of methamphetamine on Martinez. They also found enough evidence to charge Martinez with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sale the same. He was not injured. 

 5 Nov 1999

Riverside Police Arrest Man After Standoff

Riverside, Ca. *Riverside Police Officers arrested Charles Medlock, a 41 year old Riverside resident after he held a female friend against her will inside of his residence located near Tyler and Wells. He barricaded himself inside of the house after the female escaped.

At about 8:30 A.M., Officer Linda Russell responded to a mentally disturbed person call, and saw Medlock *bear-hugging* a female in the front yard while the female struggled to get away. The officer told Medlock to release the woman, but he started to drag her into the residence. The Officer then sprayed pepper spray on the suspect in order to subdue him, but he kept dragging her into the house. While the officer tried to physically rescue the woman, Medlock's large dog bit the officer near her leg. While she sprayed the dog with pepper spray, Medlock dragged the woman inside of his house.

Additional officers arrived, and the female was able to escape and run toward the police. The Riverside Police SWAT team was called to the scene because Medlock would not came out, and police believed that there may be an additional female inside of the residence.

After several hours and negotiation, Medlock surrendered to the police. He was taken to the Riverside County Mental Health Facility for an evaluation, and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, sexual battery, and resisting arrest. The other female was not injured.