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Traffic Safety Courses

The Traffic Safety Course is designed to teach children the importance of safety regarding bicycles, skateboards, vehicles, and pedestrian activity.

This course targets children seven to fourteen years of age.  Each child is given a certificate at the end of the course to show that they know the importance of Traffic Safety.

The one hour course covers the following areas:

Every 15 Minutes:

The "Every 15 Minutes" program is an event staged at local high schools to draw attention among high-school seniors to the dangers of drinking and driving.  Held at around the time of the Senior Prom, the program includes a mock-collision staged adjacent to the school grounds, the "death march" (where selected seniors are pulled from class every 15 minutes and are designated as "dead" for that day), and a multimedia presentation presented by Friday Night Live, MADD, the Police Department, and other participating agencies.

For further information contact:

Public Service Representative Karen Haverkamp
Traffic Safety Coordinator
(951) 826-5673    

Karen also handles all traffic safety education issues including seat belt safety, and child seat safety.

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