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Safety Citation Program


Juveniles that are properly wearing their helmets, obeying the law, and/or practicing proper safety skills will be "cited" by police department employees.  Letters will be sent to their parents and cited children will receive a prize.  Each child cited will be entered into a drawing for a new bike (donated by Riverside Optimist Club).



Safety Cite Recipients For the Month of August 2004

Cite Recipient School

Acker, Zachary


Central Middle School


Cook, Clayton


Faith Christian Academy
  Cunningham, Nolan


Bryant Elementary School
  Hand, Andy


Central Middle School
  Herrera, Chaz


Magnolia Elementary School
  Herrera, Cole


Magnolia Elementary School
  Herrera, Jade


Central Middle School
  Hershkowitz, Kamero


Hawarden Hills Academy
  Hershkowitz, Sammy


Hawarden Hills Academy
  Higaieda, Jose


Highland Elementary School
  Jimenez, Issac   Highland Elementary School
  Johnson, Matthew   North High School
  O'Leary, Brittany   Grant Elementary School
  Perez, Daniel   Bryant Elementary School
  Rodriguez, Alex   Central Middle School
  Tracht, Garrett   Faith Christian Academy
  Venkatesh, Tavva   Garden School


The Riverside Police Department wishes to thank the California Kid's Plate program for sponsorship of our Safety Cite program.

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