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Safety Citation Program


Juveniles that are properly wearing their helmets, obeying the law, and/or practicing proper safety skills will be "cited" by police department employees.  Letters will be sent to their parents and cited children will receive a prize.  Each child cited will be entered into a drawing for a new bike (donated by Riverside Optimist Club).

Magnolia Elementary- May 2008
Leeanna Walker
Riley White
Liam White
Libby Stewart
Chris Moxley
Jack McKenzie
Jaron McKenzie
Abbie Meneses
Grahme Meneses
Mary Harmon
Madeline Tovar
Connor Trimm
Jeren Alderson
Russell Harmon
Chaz Herrera
Brett Finnel
Cloe David
John Colleoc
Emily Carter
Gabbie Barada
Mikey Bree
Cory Bree

Highland Elementary- May 2008
Felipe Coronel
Jasmine Coronel
Daniel Coronel
Joseph Garcia
Elijah Hughes
Patrick Schlenker
Alexis Tovar
Sierra Williams

Riverside Garden School- July 2008
Benjamin Adams

Hyatt Elementary- August 2008
Egon Schweitzer

Gage MS- August 2008
Casey Elton

Washington Elementary- August 2008
Jared Kanouse

Highland Elementary- October 2008
Arreena Vazala
Anthony Vazala
Arodi Rivera

Franklin Elementary- October 2008
Brett Whitchurch
Parker Williams

The Riverside Police Department wishes to thank the California Kid's Plate program for sponsorship of our Safety Cite program.

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