Sewers, Stormdrains & Wastewater Treatment

Sewers, Stormdrains & Wastewater Treatment

Sewer Public Benefit Program Application

Click Here to apply for the Sewer Public Benefit Program Rebate.

Registration Procedure

  • sunset view of riverside water quality control plant's administration buildingRegistration shall be in person or by mail.
  • Participants shall provide a current valid Business Tax License; the address will be reviewed to confirm it is within City limits.
  • Participants shall provide a completed program application signed by an authorized business representative.
  • Participants shall complete the application checklist to ensure all supporting documentation is provided at the time of application.
  • Participants already required to monitor by the City shall provide the preceding six months of data for the selected performance goal.
  • Existing industries not otherwise required to monitor will receive a baseline monitoring requirement letter to monitor the selected performance goal monthly for 3 months, prior to program enrollment.
  • Participants shall provide a process flow diagram of the pretreatment process that accurately describes the process, as it will exist.
  • The City reserves the right to deny registration if the required documentation is not presented at the time of registration.

Rewarding of Incentive

  • Industries are required to demonstrate a beneficial reduction in the indicator(s) chosen for 5 years.
  • Project reductions will be monitored in three month blocks. Deficiencies will be communicated once noted.
  • After the first six months, 50% of the incentive will be credited if target reductions are met.
  • If not, then the participant will be placed on notice and allowed an additional 3 month block to meet the target before being terminated from the program.
  • In order to receive the full incentive, the participant must meet the target during 4 out of the 5 three month blocks.
  • Participants may be required to pay back the prorated amount to the City based on differences between reduction goals and what reduction actually achieved.
  • Incentives will be prorated if measurable reductions are achieved but unable to meet agreement target.
  • After full payment of incentive, participant must meet 80% of the target reductions on a yearly basis for 5 consecutive years, including the first demonstration year, in order to remain active in the program. Failure to meet the target reductions will resulted in prorated return of the incentive.
  • For all participants, incentives will be delivered as a credit on their sewer bill delivered within 60 days of approval.
  • The incentive is non-transferable and must be returned in full if the 5 year reduction commitment is not met at the time of transfer.
  • If a reduction does not occur for three consecutive months, the participant may be dropped from the program after review by the program administrator.

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