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Streets Services

Streets Services

Other Public Right-of-Way Signs

signage is illegal in the public right-of-way

Signage is prohibited in any public right-of-way, such as:

  • Parkways
  • Traffic Median Strips
  • Street Lights
  • Off-Ramps
  • Other Public Properties

Types of illegal signage includes, but are not limited to:

  • Political
  • Lost Pet
  • Homes for Sale
  • Garage Sales
  • Advertisements

To report illegal signage, contact 311 or download the 311 app:

Illegal signage will be promptly removed and may be subject to an

administrative fine, the cost of removal and/or criminal penalties.

Per Riverside Municipal Code: 19.625.030 – Private party signs generally banned.

“Except as expressly allowed by a provision of this chapter, or another provision of law, private parties may not display or post signs on public property or in the public right-of-way.”


Illegal SignsPlacing signs on streets, curbs, medians, traffic lights, utility poles or unimproved shoulders of streets is illegal.

Please refer to the Riverside Municipal Code for penalty information.

Riverside Municipal Code- Conditional Use Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I report illegal signs in the public right-of-way?

Yes. For more information regarding the codes, contact the Code Enforcement Division at (951) 826-5633. To report an existing sign violation, contact the 311 Call Center .

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Can I put up a banner or other business signage?

Banners, balloons, streamers, placards, pennants or portable signs are prohibited except for Grand Opening banners placed within thirty days of a new business opening. For more information regarding this type of advertising, contact the Planning Department at (951) 826-5371.

For banners to be hung from pole to pole over a street, contact the Special Events Permit Desk at (951) 826-5193 for information and/or permit.

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People are always dumping on my property. Can I request a "No Dumping" sign be installed on private property?

No. The city can only install and maintain "No Dumping" signs on city property. No permit is required for an owner to install a "No Dumping" sign on private property. Illegal dumping is a violation of the city Municipal Code.

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Who do I call to report illegal dumping on city property near my house? Will the city provide a "No Dumping" sign?

Yes. Contact the 311 Call Center to request a sign. A supervisor will inspect the location to verify ownership and appropriateness before a sign will be installed.

If debris is currently at the location, please inform the Call Center Customer Service Representative so a cleanup crew can be dispatched. A supervisor or crew will be sent to verify property ownership and to mitigate any debris on city property.

Riverside Municipal Code 6.04.080 - Dumping Restrictions

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