:: Library/Museum Task Force

Riverside Metropolitan MuseumOn April 11, 2008 a Blue Ribbon Library/Museum Task Force met to discuss the future of two community resources.  City Council approved the establishment of this Task Force (see members below) which is hosted by the Mayor Ron Loveridge and Ward One Councilmember Mike Gardner to make recommendations on the future of the downtown Library and Metropolitan Museum with the next 90 days.

The Task Force is staffed by the city's Library and Museum Directors, with the help of an outside consultant (Jeffrey Scherer, CEO and Founding Principal; Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd) hired by the City.

Riverside Public LibraryThe Task Force will look at best ways to meet future service and space needs of the Downtown Library and Metropolitan Museum looking forward 40 years to 2050. They should draw on the “best practices” and research of the Library and Museum Directors to make recommendations about:

  • Relocating the Library and/or Museum
  • Determine what facilities might be shared between the Library and Museum
  • Is the library of the future the same as today's model?
  • The City Manager will identify funding choices and constraints
Task Force Members
  • Chair: Charlie Field (Retired Superior Court Judge)
  • Vice Chair: Larry Geraty (Retired President of La Sierra University)
  • Kathy Allavie (RUSD School Board)
  • Dave Bristow (Past Chair, Museum Board)
  • Molly Carpenter (Immediate Past President of Riverside Library Foundation)
  • Damon Castillo (Retired Superintendent, Alvord District)
  • Wade Coe (Principal, Poly High School)
  • Yue Deng (Youth Council)
  • Wayne Disher (Library Director, City of Hemet)
  • Tom Donahue (General Manager, Riverside Marriott)
  • Bob Jabs (past Chair of Mayor’s Commission on Aging)
  • Ruth Jackson (Chief Librarian, University of California, Riverside)
  • Peter Keller (Executive Director, Bowers Museum)
  • Linda Lacy (Interim President, Riverside Community College)
  • Rose Mayes (Executive Director, Riverside County Fair Housing)
  • Bob McKernan (Executive Director, San Bernardino County Museum)
  • Janice Penner (Executive Director, Riverside Downtown Partnership)
  • Matthew Taylor (Chair, Youth Council)
  • Wendel Tucker (Chair, Library Board)
  • Norton Younglove (Chair, Museum Board)
  • Ofelia Valdez-Yeager (Chief Administrative Liaison to Superintendent, RCOE)
  • Ted Weggeland (Entrepreneurial Corporate Group)
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