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Community Services

Riverside Public Utilities is committed to the community we serve. Whether we are providing funding that helps provide parks and recreation, library, and public safety service, or sponsoring community service groups and annual events, we are proud to give back to the community.

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Splash Into Cash Label Contest Winners

Hundreds of local high school students participated in this year's bottled water label art contest, created to give art students the chance to create their first product label.

Winning labels will appear on bottled water given out to Riverside's middle and high schools as part of the "Splash Into Cash" bottled water incentive program, which offers free bottled water to assist with school fundraising efforts throughout the school year.

Each winner receives $250 cash, copies of their winning label, and a case of water featuring the label. Art teacher(s) receive a $50 gift certificate from an art supply store.


For further information about the Splash Into Cash Program, contact Teresa Rosales at
trosales@riversideca.gov or call (951) 826-5442


2018 Winners

Audrey Alexander - Woodcrest Christian School


Madeleine Chaffin - Woodcrest Christian School


Jazlyn Sanchez - Norte Vista High School


Jasmine Zamora - Norte Vista High School


2017 Winners

Isabel Ayala - La Sierra High School


Jaelen Chavez - Norte Vista High School


2017 Financial Report/Mousepad Artwork Winners

Audrey Alexander - Woodcrest Christian High School


Gabriela Sierravigas - La Sierra High School


2016 Winners

Sofia Goebel - John W. North High School


Kristin Counts - La Sierra High School


2015 Winners

Angel Chavez - Norte Vista High School


Fiorella Picciotti - La Sierra High School



2014 Winners

Berlyn Thornburg - John W. North High School


Kirsten Cotton - John W. North High School



2013 Winners

Griselda Melgoza - Norte Vista High School


Nina Ibarr - La Sierra High School