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About RPU

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Power Resources

Find info about the Power Content Label and our Renewable Portfolio Standard.



Resource Operations and Strategic Analytics

Resource Operations and Strategic Analytics is made up of six groups and is responsible for procuring, maintaining and managing RPU’s wholesale power resources. See a summary for each group's responsibilities.

Responsible for: assessing RPU’s long term power needs (i.e., integrated resource planning); forecasting load growth; forecasting market conditions; coordinating Riverside’s commitment to being a green city; providing strategic analytics to drive informed decision making; and NERC compliance.

Responsible for: managing RPU’s generation and transmission projects; negotiating and administering the utilities’ power supply related contracts and tariffs; administering over two hundred power-supply related contracts and tariffs; reviewing/certifying all power supply transactions, including central market purchases, sales and trades, after-the-fact, for payment or invoicing.

Responsible for: optimizing RPU resources, bidding, scheduling and trading activities to meet RPU’s electric needs; procuring power, gas and emissions in compliance with RPU’s Risk Management hedging policies and directives; NERC compliance.

Responsible for: all aspects of management and maintenance of RPU’s internal system generation resources, including construction, operations, safety, regulatory compliance, and adapting resources to the changing power industry.

Responsible for: a cross-divisional resources group, responsible for: monitoring regulations that may impact RPU’s current and/or future resources; reviewing federal and state agency regulations and legislative initiatives impacting power resources; promoting Resources’ cross divisional communication by sharing knowledge, findings and updates; performing analysis of various regulations and impact to RPU.

Responsible for: addressing all current ISO market initiatives; streamlining communications between all Power Resources divisions; ensuring all new CAISO market initiatives are reviewed and analyzed for impacts to RPU; and advocating RPU’s position in CAISO stakeholder processes. At any given time there are about 20 current issues under consideration—many resulting in tariff amendments.


2018 IRP Cliff's Notes

See a shorter overview of the IRP.

Integrated Resource Plan

The IRP provides a full analysis of new power resources.

Power Resources Virtual Tour

See a virtual tour of RPU's power resources.

Riverside Public Utilities 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (“IRP”) provides an impact analysis of Riverside’s acquisition of new power resources, specifically towards meeting the state of California’s aggressive carbon reduction goals; along with the effect these resources will have on the utility’s future projected cost of service. Both current and proposed supply-side and demand-side resources are examined in detail, towards a goal of continuing to provide the highest quality electric services at the lowest possible rates to benefit our local community, while adhering to a diverse set of state and regional legislative/regulatory mandates. Additionally, the 2018 IRP examines a number of related longer range planning activities, including energy storage, rate design, transportation electrification, distributed energy resources, and Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) current and future planned engagement with disadvantaged communities.

Power Generation Assets

The Riverside Public Utility invested $250M in local power generation facilities to supply Riverside customers with the most reliable electric power available. The three power plants deliver 268 megawatts when our customers need it.

Eight generators supplying 240 megawatts of flexible power are connected directly to the City of Riverside power transmission system. An additional 28 megawatts of highly efficient cogeneration power is located in the adjacent City of Corona. Public Utility employees operate and maintain all aspects of the 268 megawatts, in emergencies, the hottest days in the summer or any time customers require. The clean natural gas turbine generators can start in emergency conditions when no electrical power is available to import.

Renewable Energy in Riverside

Riverside’s achieved and forecasted renewable energy amounts, by year and Portfolio Content Category. Excess procurement will be saved (“banked”) for use in later compliance years, and/or resold to other utilities for the benefit of Riverside ratepayers.

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Power Content Label

Power comes in all shapes and sizes.  The Power Content Label, designed by the California Energy Commission, keeps customers informed of the various resources that are used to make up the state of California's and Riverside's electric power.

By maintaining our long-term power agreements and building new power generation resources, Riverside Public Utilities upholds its obligation to provide safe, reliable power to our customer-owners. Additionally, we remain committed to supporting and increasing renewable energy resources in our power portfolio.

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RPU power content label.