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Landscape Resources

Find resources and databases.

Landscape Resources

Explore design resources, plant databases, and irrigation resources.

Design Resources

SoCal Yard Transformation – A Step-by-Step Guide to Get the Yard You Want

SoCal Yard Transformation is an online handbook to help homeowners to achieve their full-water savings potential. This how-to-guide assists customers with needed recommendations to create permanent water-use changes. The unique guidebook and website include easy to understand tips from experts, colorful images and humor.

Inland Valley Garden Planner

Find a useful visioning tool for beautiful landscapes.

Residential Landscape and Irrigation Guide

View a technical planning guide for landscape professionals (Residential).

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Single-Family Residential Landscape Plan

View a technical planning guide for landscape professionals (Single-Family Residential).

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Plant Databases

Western Municipal Water District’s Guide to Water-Efficient Plants for the Inland Empire

Water Saving Landscaping for the Inland Empire


Irrigation Resources

Irrigation Guidelines

View suggested schedules for watering selected types of plants with selected types of sprinkler heads.

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Water Restrictions

Get the latest updates on water restrictions.


Conservation Resources

Be water-conscious with water-related news and water-saving resources.


Recycled Water

Learn about recycled water and our purple pipes.