Riverside Public Utilities

Net Energy Metering Interconnection Agreement

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The City of Riverside and Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) are committed to creating a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable community in which to live and work.

Your renewable energy generation unit can help us to achieve our goals of reducing environmental impacts, and increasing Green Power generation capacities, while providing you the direct benefit of significantly lower energy bills.

Whether your renewable energy generation project is a residential system or a commercial system, you must complete an Net Energy Metering (NEM) Agreement with Riverside Public Utilities. This agreement will allow you to sell any excess energy your system produces back to RPU at the Net Energy Compensation Rate as set by RPU each January.

For example: At times, your solar energy system may generate more energy than you need. During these periods, the extra electricity is sent through your utility meter and onto the electric grid for others to use. At the end of the associated billing period that you choose (annual or monthly), RPU will calculate whether we owe you a credit, or if you owe us money.

Please Note: Regardless of the type of billing period you choose (annual or monthly) you will still receive, and be responsible for paying, your monthly billing statement which will include charges for: water services (if applicable); City fees and taxes for refuse, sewer, and other city services; and your energy delivery customer charge, reliability charge, public benefits charge and all associated taxes.

Choosing a NEM Billing Option Section 3

In Section 3 of the NEM Agreement, you must choose a preferred billing option. Your choice will determine how RPU will bill you for the amount of electricity you use from RPU. If you would like to change this billing option, you need to do so by November 1st of the preceding year.

Annual Billing Option
If you choose the Annual Billing Option, RPU will read your meters (solar and house electric meters) each month, but will defer your electric charges until your December statement. Note: If your system does not cover your entire electrical usage for the year, you may have a large "settlement" payment to make at the end of your annual billing cycle each December.

Monthly Billing Option
If you choose the Monthly Billing Option, RPU will read your meters (solar and house electric meters) each month. If your system produced more than you used, the credit will appear on your billing statement. If you used more energy than your system produced, the charge will appear on the statement and must be paid by the due date along with your additional utilities and/or city services. 

What happens if your solar energy system produces more energy than you use for the year?

In Section 12.12.3 of the NEM Agreement, you have the option to choose credit or compensation for excess energy your system might produce.

Option A - Compensation
Compensation is paid out for any excess energy your system may produce at the 
Net Energy Compensation Rate. After December of each year, a check will be sent to your service address.

Option B - Credit
A credit, calculated on the Net Energy Compensation Rate is placed on your account if your system produces more energy than you use. Note: Amount credited to a customer’s account can only be used to offset future kWh charges. For example, you cannot use the credit to pay your water charges or other city fees and taxes. If you choose this option, and your system continually over-produces year after year, you will continue to have a credit on your account.

Remember, if you do not execute the electronic document, you will not receive payment for any extra energy your system might produce.

Notice: The NEM Agreement must be filled out and submitted by the RPU customer of record only. 

Applicants must provide email information, name on their RPU account, mailing address, RPU account number, PV system location address, billing choices and be electronically signed.  No information or technical details are needed for the PV system, as RPU will fill in the information.  Once executed, an official copy will be sent to you via email.

Start the Residential NEM Process             

For NEM Commercial applications, please contact customer service at (951) 782-0330 or RPUPublicBenefits@riversideca.gov.